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Download Adorable Home APK and build your dream home with for free. Choose from over 100+ furniture and accessories to create your perfect home.

Introducing the game Adorable Home

Adorable Home is an extremely cute game developed by the publisher HyperBeard. This is a game that is being hunted by players and chosen to become a "spiritual food" in their spare time thanks to its simple but extremely interesting gameplay.

The game gives you a sweet but challenging love story when you have to raise and take care of your cats and love house with your partner. Try every day to cultivate and build your happiness in the Adorable Home APK game world.

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Download Adorable Home to experience interesting stories

Write a romantic love story and experience a peaceful life

Starting the game Adorable Home APK, you can choose a character to represent yourself and a companion. The special thing here is that you can choose any character including male or female. Along with that you will have an additional companion, the lovely cat Snow.

The story begins when you and your lover move into a beautiful little house with a cute cat. When moving into the house, all the furniture is very messy. The first job that you need to do is clean the house to have a clean, fragrant house and then start the home decoration work. Every morning, your lover goes to work, and you will stay at home to take care of the house, garden and especially the lovely but equally mischievous cat. It sounds simple, but in fact Adorable Home APK will make you encounter a lot of difficulties and challenges that require players to have patience and ingenuity.

adorable home apk

After completing the task, you can use the money to buy items to decorate the house to become more complete and cozy. In Adorabo Home apk download, there are many collections of furniture designed in different styles from classic to ern, all of which are very diverse.

After your lover comes home from work, you can watch the moon with him, drink tea and chat. Such a life is truly peaceful and happy.

Take care of the pet

Pet care is one of your main activities when playing Adorable Home because it helps you earn a lot of extra income. This job requires you to be patient because the cats seem cute, but when you take care of them, you will find them quite annoying and difficult to please.

 adorable home

And to take better care of cats, you need to care:

First, cut the claws for them, but you need to cut them very accurately to make them painless. If you accidentally cut their meat, they will be very angry. That means you have not completed the task.

The second is to bathe them. Most cats don't like bathing. So you need to pay attention to adjust the temperature of the water to be just right, not too hot nor too cold.

Finally, stroking their bodies. You need to stroke in the right position so that the cat feels most comfortable and comfortable.

In addition, you can also buy lots of cats for your apartment or even dogs and birds.

adorable home  apk

Cultivate, build and preserve love

Do not just complete the task of the game but forget to take care of your companion.

Every morning, prepare Bento boxes for your loved one with wonderful desserts prepared by yourself. Spend more time caring and talking with your partner to understand each other and love each other better.

If there is no love in the house you build, they will leave or if they do not receive the attention of the other party and choose to break up, the player will lose 1000 accumulated hearts to do so. So, do not rush to miss each other, but let's build a happy home together with our own love and sincerity.

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Top notch graphic and sound design

Although the 2D graphic design is relatively simple, it is that simplicity that makes the "great" of the Adorable Home APK game. From the cute cats to the surrounding motifs, they are all neat and careful. Adorable Home is like a love novel where you are the main character in which you are free to build the story of your life.

Besides, in the process of playing the game, you can enjoy melodious and sweet music to make your love story more romantic.


With its strong appeal, Adorable Home APK also gives players many meaningful messages about love and life. So don't miss this interesting game, but quickly download Adorable Home apk latest version for android to experience.

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