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Download 2ndLine APK to get a new and unique US or Canada phone number. Upon download of the 2ndLine APK, you will be able to make calls and send messages.

In-depth Description of 2ndLine APK

With 2ndLine APK, you can call people in the US and Canada for free. These calls can be done via your already existing cellular network, or you may use WiFi.

2nd line  apk

This APK works on smartphones and tablets and is perfectly designed for anyone needing a separate number for whatever reason. When individuals in Canada or the United States opt to install the 2ndLine APK, they gain the flexibility to select a phone number associated with their desired area code. This application proves highly advantageous for various professionals, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

2ndLine exists to make things easier for its user. Within the app, individuals have the freedom to send GIFs, stickers, and emojis to enhance their conversations. What truly distinguishes the 2ndLine application is its commitment to safeguarding user privacy. A noteworthy feature allows users to establish a passcode, ensuring the utmost protection for their personal information.

Local Phone Number

When you decide to install the 2ndLine APK, you'll be prompted to select a phone number from the list of available numbers provided by the application. These numbers are conveniently associated with your local area code. Moreover, the app offers the flexibility to change your area code if needed.

Caller ID

If you prefer to screen your calls by only answering calls from people you know, or if you like to know the identity of the person calling before responding, 2ndLine APK has something for you.

2nd line apk latest version

2ndLine APK shows the caller ID when you have an incoming call, so you can know who is calling before you pick up. This way, you can avoid specific calls from certain people and answer the significant ones.

Picture and Video Messaging

You can send and receive as many pictures and videos as you want with the 2ndLine APK. The best part about this video and picture messaging is that it is free when communicating with numbers in the US and Canada. When you send or receive pictures and videos via 2ndLine, you can also save these pictures to your device.


Customizable Ringtones, Text Tones, Vibrations, and Backgrounds

2ndLine allows users to customize their experience in several ways. If you have a number/account on 2ndLine, you can customize your ringtone by setting specific ringtones for specific numbers.

The 2ndLine app lets you set the vibration for your incoming calls. You can also assign different text tones to different numbers so that you know who it is before checking when you get a text message from a specific number. Users also have customizable backgrounds for their contacts.

Low-Cost International Calls

2ndLine APK is free for people in the US and Canada, so people in the two countries can make calls and send text messages to other people within the two countries without needing to pay.

2nd line free download

However, calls to international numbers, i.e., in this case, numbers outside Canada and the US, cost some money. The cost of international calls from the 2ndLine APK is small compared to the average cost of international calls.

You can add money to your account or earn free money by completing certain offers via 2nd Life; you can make low-cost international calls to countries outside the USA and Canada with this earned or added money.

Unique Features of 2ndLine APK

  • Voicemail Transcription. 2ndLine has a couple of unique features that set it apart from its competitors. One of such features is the transcription of voicemails that users send. When users send voicemails to their contacts and other numbers that are not part of their contacts, the recipient receives a voicemail transcription, which is also visible to the sender.
  • Central Inbox. You can use the 2ndLine app as a central and unified inbox to send and receive text messages. You may even set the 2ndLine APK as your default text messaging app.
  • Forward Calls. The 2ndLine APK allows you to use the free number provided by the app as a primary or secondary number. You can decide by yourself whether you will use your 2ndLine number more or less than your other number. Regardless of your choice, 2ndLine has a feature that automatically forwards calls to a number of your choosing, and this number can be your personal/other number.
  • Google SmartLock. Google SmartLock is a feature and service provided by Google that saves people's security details such as emails, passwords, and usernames. Google SmartLock is a password manager, and people who use it do not need to remember passwords and other private account details.

2ndLine APK uses Google SmartLock, so you do not have to worry about remembering your account details. This is a lot more secure than using a simple password that can be to access and control your account. 

download 2nd line for android
  • Elastic Calling. The 2ndLine app is chock-full of unique features, and elastic calling is one of such features. This feature was designed to ensure that users make calls of the best quality, with as few technical issues as possible. Elastic calling chooses the best route for outgoing calls from the 2ndLine app to improve the quality of calls. Because of elastic calling, calls from 2ndLine are clearer and less likely to break off.


The 2ndLine APK is the perfect app for anyone who wants a reliable second number. The app has multiple features which make it invaluable and helpful in making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text, picture, and video messages.

Businesses, whether large, medium, or small, can use the numbers from this app in company-provided devices to further segment employees' devices from company devices.

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