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Zombie Catchers APK - Catch unlimited zombies free. The latest version of this business-oriented and adventurous game is now available.

Description of Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers Apk is an interesting zombie apocalypse game with features to engage players. This game has captivating gameplay whereby players capture zombies and sell them as a running business. You can also refer to the game as an adventurous game because players go on a search for zombies.

The game takes players to a dungeon where many zombies are in the land. Players have to trap the zombies without harming them. You can also shoot them, but you must be strategic to earn game points.

zombie catchers free download

Zombies have always been the most used topic for most movies and game makers. It is intriguing as these zombies were once humans, but due to a virus, they become half dead and half alive, looking scary and dangerous. The state of half dead depicts that their body is still functioning; it's just that they have lost consciousness.

However, these creatures feed on living creatures hence making them life-threatening. Once they bite a human, they spread disease. Zombies Catchers APK revolves around the zombies; however, in this game, they are being hunted and made into juice being sold.

Zombies Catchers APK has a lot of money, so players will not spend on anything as they run their business. This game is adventurous and a single-player e as players go on a journey to hunt the zombies.

Deca Games International developed and published the game and has gotten over 10 million downloads and users worldwide. This is impressive and shows that the game is fun. It can be said that this game can also be compared to Hills of Steel APK, a game of the same genre that has also been storming for a while.

zombie catchers apk latest version

Zombies Catchers APK is rated for 12 years old and above. Join millions of players to play this game.

Captivating Gameplay

Zombie Catchers APK has exciting gameplay for players. The game environment is in a city-like normal world whereby players will have a shop where they sell a different kind of juices to customers and make money from it. Zombies are known to eat human brains or flesh hence causing a high spread of zombie disease, but in this game, it is time to feed and eat the zombies.

In contrast to the regular scary zombies, the zombies in this game get scared of players when they come across them. As the player, you will play as one of the main characters ( A.J or Bud) who runs a juice business and hunts zombies to make juice for customers.

The zombies in this game are the main ingredients for the juice; hence the players go all out to hunt for them. Zombie Catchers APK has similar gameplay to a puzzle game where you have to solve problems, and in this game, you have to catch the zombies as the significant ingredient.

There are two major activities players engage in, in this game: Catching the zombies and producing drinks for customers. To catch the zombies, there are several weapons available, but a harpoon is available to capture and transport them to where they are processed into juice.

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You must lure the zombies out of their hiding place to capture them. The zombies in this game are sensitive; they can sense your presence from a long distance; hence you must hide at first before you capture them. There are different zombies in this game, each of which has its e of protection. For instance, the jelly zombie protects itself by tossing a harer and running away while the tea zombie stuns you. However, despite their protection, you can catch them with your strategy.

Your primary weapon is a harpoon with a balloon but with other weapons, nets, guns, etc. Join millions of players to enjoy this gameplay.

Features of Zombies Catchers

Here are some exciting features of zombie catchers.

Turn Zombie to Edibles

Zombies Catchers main aim is to turn zombies into juice for customers. This game has lots of equipment to turn these zombies into juice, pizza, or dessert.

zombie catchers  apk newupdate

After you have gone on zombie hunts, you will go back to the store to search for your customers some juice. There are lots of people - customers waiting to be searched outside your shop. There are different juicers in this game with a different number of zombies. Once you've captured the zombies into juicers, the machine does its work and turns them into juice. You can add different recipes and goodies to spice up the juice.

Aside from making these zombies into juice, you can make them into edibles like pizza, dessert, tacos, etc. Hence serving your customers, promoting your business, and earning money.

Earn Money

When you download Zombie Catchers APK, you don't have to use the money to purchase weapons or upgrade items. There are coins to use to purchase or upgrade the necessary items.

zombie catchers  apk

Plutonium is the highest money currency in the game. It is hard to earn, and it is advantageous in the game. However, in the Zombie Catchers APK, there is infinite plutonium money to items. Download Zombie Catchers APK for android now!

Play Online or Offline

Zombies Catchers APK allows users to play online or offline hence you can play without a network connection and enjoy the awesome gameplay.


Zombie Catchers APK is an incredibly interesting game of hunting and making money. Download Zombie Catcher latest version and enjoy money and many menus

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