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Download Training Slayer APK and interact with your favorite characters from the Demon Slayer anime. Train Slayer is a free to play anime theme game for Android.

Training Slayer Mobile Overview 

Training Slayer is a mobile game inspired from the record-breaking anime series, Demon Slayer. The anime series revolves around a young boy who is involved in a battle with demons. His companion is his little sister Nezuko. 

Now, Training Slayer mobile has the same environment from the anime series. It even has all the same characters with their appearances and traits. Moreover, the graphics are made to truly capture the essence of the characters.

download training slayer for android

However, Training Slayer differs from Demon Slayer in terms of the interactions you can make. Training Slayer features some extra animations and visuals. 

Of course, you can fight in different es but throughout the game, other than fighting there is a lot more you can do. 

Training Slayer APK Backstory 

As aforementioned the Training Slayer  APK is based on Demon Slayer. The story begins when a young boy is off in the forest to gather firewood. However, upon his return he comes to see his family in a pool of blood. 

This sight does not give the impression if this was a human’s doing. There are scars and slashes as if something bit and tore them apart. The only survivor is Nezuko Kamado. Tanjiro is still in shock but he immediately picks up Nezuko. 

It is completely heart-breaking how the only family he has left is Nezuko but she is also infected. While Tanjiro mourns his family his sister shapeshifts into a demon and attacks him. He tries to do everything to push her back without harming her. However, the difference in strength is incredible and he cannot sustain.

training slayer apk latest version

Finally, Giyou, one of the Demon Slayers’ pillars comes to the rescue and fends of Nezuko. Tanjiro does not want him to kill Nezuko but as a demon slayer, he must fulfill his duty. Therefore, Tanjiro struggles and attacks Giyou. 


After seeing Tanjiro struggle, Giyou’s heart softens a bit and he knocks out Nezuko without killing her. He then tells the boy that he must be responsible and if she attacks anyone again, he must kill her. 

He failed to notice that while Nezuko was attacking Tanjiro, she was actually crying because she could not control her blood lust. 

This is where Training Slayer begins. Tanjiro must train hard to slay demons and find Muzan to get a cure for Nezuko. In his journey he makes many new beautiful friends that will assist him in the training. 

There are many instances of happiness and sadness in Training Slayer. The APK game captures the essence of the game in a fun way. 

Play Training Slayer Online Game es 

Training Slayer has three main es you can play. These are 1P, 2P, and Endless es. Here’s a quick overview of each e: 

  • Single Player (1P) – You can play as your favorite character from the anime series and battle against AI opponents. However, the AI in Training Slayer is highly efficient and it becomes more difficult to defeat enemies as you play on. This is an important game e, as all the enemies you defeat in 1P e will be unlocked as playable characters for you.
training slayer free download
  • Multiplayer (2P) – As the name suggest, you can play Training Slayer online in multiplayer e. Compete against your friends to test out who is the greatest slayer of all time. If you have had enough practice with AI, chances of you losing are zero. 

Should You Get the Training Slayer Download? 

Short answer, yes! It is certainly worth downloading Training Slayer. If you have watched the anime, then you would not even be asking this question. Training Slayer is an impeccable game that is packed with some extra features. 


Training Slayer Free Characters  

When you download Training Slayer, you have access to all your fantasy anime dream girls. Here’s a list of characters you can expect: 

  • Nezuko Kamado 
  • Kanao Tsuyuri
training slayer apk newupversion
  • Shinobu Kocho 
  • Aoi Kanzaki 
  • Muichiro Tokito 
  • Sabito 
  • Makomo 
  • Ruka Rengoku 

These are only to name the most favorite female anime characters that people dream about. Since Training Slayer gained a lot of popularity with its initial release, the developers are constantly working on adding more content. 

That is to say, you can expect a lot juicier visuals and characters added overtime. The current series is still ongoing. Therefore, you can expect more characters to be added with release of new episodes. 

Download Training Slayer for Android and Become a Slayer 

Anyone who loves Demon Slayer and has special affection for cute anime girls must download Training Slayer for Android. Apart from the routine sword fighting there are plenty of things you can do.

training slayer apk

Training Slayer APK also involves numerous interactions and choices that you can make. Based on your decisions, you will be presented with visuals and animations that will get your heart pumping. 

Final Thoughts - Download Training Slayer Latest Version

If you truly love the award-winning anime series, Demon Slayer, then download Training Slayer latest version without asking any questions. Training Slayer APK lets you start a second life as one of the characters from Demon Slayer. You will have Tanjiro, Nezuko, Giyu, Muzan, Inosuke, and Zenitsu among many more. 

Training Slayer APK will let you live your sword fighting fantasy with some bonus animations to let you blow off some stress.

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