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Download latest version of The Walking Zombie 2 APK and survive the apocalypse. The Walking Zombie 2 brings you the best of FPS and RPG in one single game.

About The Walking Zombie 2 APK 

The Walking Zombie 2 APK is developed by Alda Games and is available under action categories in the play store. It is an intense first-person shooter game for android and the name might already have given you an idea what it is about – zombies!  

You are the protagonist of the game and even before you were born, zombies had started to walk the earth. You opened your eyes in the world where the dead is no longer in the grave. Growing up you developed many survival and combat skills to fight and escape the zombies. 

download the walking zombie 2 for android

The Walking Zombie 2 APK has a simple objective, you have to fight off zombies, bandits and some insanely powerful bosses. As you play the game, you’ll switch between many kinds of locations and receive new quests. Completing each quest and mission helps you to level up and upgrade your inventory.  

The overall gameplay of The Walking Zombie 2 APK is straightforward as all you have to do is shoot anything dead. The world is no longer safe and you must fight for your survival. Some battles might leave you wounded but you can always heal yourself using some decent first aid kits and food items.  

Finally, be sure you find and upgrade new weapons and equipment to get the edge against bosses and receive rewards.  

The Walking Zombie 2 Gameplay 

The Walking Zombie 2 APK is an incredible zombie action genre game. It revolves around a post-apocalyptic world and it has been 11 months after the outbreak. This means, there was plenty of time for zombies to grow in numbers.  

The storyline says that the living had no hope from the army, police, or government. They had to be on their own against the dead and that is how the numbers started to dwindle.

This story serves as an intro for the gameplay as you make a team to fight off the zombies. You are basically a team leader with strong fighters on your side.  

The Walking Zombie 2 APK will offer you some block type graphics that give you an overall fun shooting experience but not too much gore to scare you off. As aforementioned, it is a mix of first-person shooter and RPG.

the walking zombie 2  apk newupversion

The FPS aspect of The Walking Zombie 2 APK makes the game highly immersive and you can expect some decent shooting mechanism and not too much recoil on the guns.  

In addition, you will also be able to use melee weapons such as crowbar, steel pipe, knife, etc., among other weapons such as grenades and explosives.  

If zombies managed to leave some damage on you, you can recover using some first aid kits and food items. The game offers a pace in which you develop strength and abilities after completing quests.  

Moreover, you even gain perks and enhanced skills. 

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Features of The Walking Zombie 2 Multiplayer 

The Walking Zombie 2 APK may appear to be a multiplayer game but sadly it is not. Since FPS games would get boring if there aren’t others to interact with, Alda Games knew what they want to make.  

So, they chose to add exciting content for this single player game way too frequently. Over the years, The Walking Zombie 2 has received an incredible number of downloads and positive player reviews.  

Let’s look at some of the features of the game that make it stand apart from other zombie shooting games: 

  • Offline survival e in which you can play without requiring any internet connection. 
  • Unique zombie design where all zombies are made with a neat polygon graphic style. 
  • Classic first-person shooter game revolving around a zombie apocalypse. 
  • Karam system to determine options and outcomes based on user behavior. 
  • Multiple storylines and side quests for you to do. 
  • Vast range of weapons, shields, explosive, kits, and other equipment. 
  • Open world e allows you to craft and build as you play.
the walking zombie 2 apk latest version
  • Many weapon skins to match your preferences. 
  • Different types of zombies and enemies including humans. 
  • Settlement traders so you can buy or sell items. 
  • Optional missions to receive badges. 
  • Travel using cars and other vehicles and run over the zombies. 

In a nutshell, The Walking Zombie 2 APK offers a number of features that make it a promising game. It doesn’t stray far from the traditional FPS mechanics which make it a reliable shooting game. 

Can you Play the Walking Zombie 2 Online? 

Unfortunately, The Walking Zombie 2 cannot be played online. It is a single player first-person shooting game made to work offline.  

However, there are numerous quests you can go on about and shoot through hordes of never-ending zombies for as long as you want. More content is always being added so you don’t bore out either. 

What is New in The Walking Zombie 2 Latest Version? 

The Walking Zombie 2 has a latest version now that has numerous changes and packs a whole big load of content! 

  • Many bugs fixed, 
  • Game balancing, 
  • New quests are available now after finishing the main story, 
  • Lucky booster wheel to give you many rewards, 
the walking zombie 2  apk newupversion
  • Free gold for users with the updated version, 
  • Selling scraps comes with bonuses now, 
  • New quests added while playing main story, 
  • Thor’s hammer has been added as a new weapon, 
  • End of mission rewards have been boosted, 
  • Story quests progress bar added. 

Furthermore, the new update works smoother than before and offers some really decent goodies right off the start! It’s 100% worth the grab. 

The Walking Zombie 2 Mobile New Quests 

The Walking Zombie 2 for mobile quickly gained popularity and the players started demanding more after they finished the main story. 

the walking zombie 2 free download

Therefore, the developers have added plenty more new quests for you to venture off on and expect to see a whole lot more zombies along the way. 

Final Thoughts - Download the Walking Zombie 2 APK For Android 

The Walking Zombie 2 for android is a full-fledge first-person shooting game that features a zombie theme. Zombie games are mostly popular among gamers because of the thrill they give. Sometimes you might not have an internet connection and it might be difficult but The Walking Zombie 2 APK comes with an offline survival e that pretty much lets you enjoy the game on flight e. Overall, it is an exciting game with unique graphics and certainly worth playing.

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