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Have you ever tried using sticks such as matchsticks, counting sticks, logs... to create human figures? And have you ever imagined what it would be like if the human figures you created were moving and fighting? Come to Supreme duelist stickman to try the experience.

Supreme duelist stickman introduction

Supreme Duelist Stickman  belongs to the genre of fighting action game released by Neuron's Brother, released at the end of 2019.

Entering the game, players will be able to choose their character type and do not forget to choose the appropriate combat weapon. Each weapon will have its own use to support the owner.

You can choose the game e depending on your mood, if you want to fight alone, choose 1 player e and if you want the game to be more fun, you can choose 2 or 3 game e.

You and the enemy will be in a certain space and your task will be to fight the opponent until the opponent's health bar is dry or deliberately find a chance to push him out of the ring, and you have won. win.

tai supreme duelist stickman cho android

It sounds simple, but the person will have to have an exclusive way of controlling the character, not performing the opponent's movements while fighting.

Coming to Supreme Duelist Stickman, you will no longer have traditional actions such as hand-to-hand combat, jumping, or using magic, etc., but you will use 2 main moves in this game at the same time, which is to attack and move at the same time. which is already attached to a virtual key on the computer. You will move that virtual keyboard in all directions on the screen that you want your stick character to move to and perform at the same time manipulating your weapon towards the enemy.

And you should pay attention to get points from the opponent, you have to make your weapon hit them or use all your energy to push them out of the field. You should take full advantage of the combat ability as well as the usefulness of the weapon you carry.

supreme duelist stickman apkpng

You can embellish the appearance of the stickman character of your choice. Because in the Supreme Duelist Stickman Game, there will be a large number of el characters, you can choose the form of a Santa Claus or a lead soldier, a stickman with a straw hat...

Not only with the number of characters, but even the treasure of weapons is extremely diverse.

For example, Thanos' Tony Stark gloves can emit a beautiful purple energy that attracts the eye, but if the opponent touches or sticks to them, it will have to pay a pretty expensive price with the amount of blood being sucked away. pretty much.

Our weapons will differ in their use and special functions. When you move the virtual keyboard, it will accidentally help you activate the hidden ability of the weapon you are using, so you can take advantage of this function in case you are in a passive position.

tai supreme duelist stickman phien ban moi nhat

When you choose the survival battle e, survive, here you will have to fight with all your might to destroy the enemy until they can't stand up, you will score points in this level and prepare yourself. for the next level until the last one survives and wins. In the following levels, a series of enemies will appear and attack you. If you want to score a lot of points, it means that you will have to win a lot of opponents. Here we recommend you to use whichever weapon you feel is the simplest and easiest to use to shorten the battle time.

If you want to play in 2, 3 player e, your device requires a  Bluetooth connection to be able to connect to another device to play together. The rules of the game are the same, the only difference is that in this e you can solo with real people, not with the computer's programming.

Supreme Duelist Stickman Game Highlights

With a simple way to play or control the character, the game is suitable for children from 7 years old and up.

The capacity is not too much, so it doesn't take up a big space for your memory, don't be picky about your phone, as long as you have a cheap smartphone you can play it wonderfully.

game supreme duelist stickman

2D graphics that create unstable stick figures combined with sophisticated sounds  of the sound of weapons touching or when you move weapons also make the game attractive, fun but quite thrilling. Gives you the feeling of real battle with various maps that bring richness to the game

Flexibility in the player e does not make them feel bored easily.

The game Supreme Duelist Stickman is completely free for users


Let's end your tiring day of study and work with crispy laughter and bloody battle experiences through thrilling battles with Supreme Duelist Stickman online.

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