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Action strategy games always show strength and help train the mind very well. Moreover, superhero-themed games always win a special love from gamers around the world. Have you experienced many different action games and are looking for a new action game to experience? Be the hero to save the world and defeat the forces of darkness. The action game Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK will bring a different experience from the action games you have ever participated in.

The basics of the game Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors Online is a tactical role-playing game about warriors' sword combat inspired by the Japanese manga series. You will play as a brave warrior to confront the villains who want to destroy the city. Be the strongest warrior in this action game world!

Simple gameplay

In Super Stickman Dragon Warriors Download you control every movement and strike according to calculation. Use the available movement to take down all the opponents in the game. Besides, you have to take advantage of the weapon in your hand to quickly defeat the opponent in a split second.

Freedom to create characters according to your own personality

Besides directing the character's actions within the game, you also possess the liberty to craft and mold the character in accordance with your tastes and individual flair. You can tailor the character's look, encompassing their attire and hairdo, affording you the genuine ability to shape and define their visual persona.

super stickman dragon warriors for android

You can customize the character's style and transformation effect to make it the most beautiful. In addition, character creation is not fixed, you can change through each level if you want to change the character style. This is one point that makes Super Stickman Dragon Warriors  APK attractive to gamers, from amateurs to village elders.

Diverse power system, unpredictable virtual change

In addition to the ability to attack flexibly, when Downloading Super Stickman Dragon Warriors for free to play, you can also damage your opponent with professional sword attacks, the gods in the game also have superhuman skills that ordinary people. no one owns. Control the heroes with the navigation buttons and use the smart tactical blows to destroy the villain, ensuring the safety of humanity.

Fierce battles

In the game you will face many opponents with different strengths, you can even face giant monsters. The wars began to erupt with fighting spirit boiling from the sides in various battle scenes.

super stickman dragon warriors download free

Keep up the fighting spirit and show the ultimate enemy observation skills to win every battle when playing Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK.

Weapon Upgrade

In the game you will encounter formidable and extremely powerful opponents, you need to upgrade not only your playing skills but also your weapons if you want to have a chance to defeat them. For a quality upgraded weapon, the more bonuses you earn, the more diverse choices you will have. Possession of powerful weapons depends on the amount of money you win in each battle.

Use your strategic and tactical mind to win the game

To destroy every opponent in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK a smart battle strategy is a very important factor to help you win. You need to use strategy in weapon selection, attack skills and dodge techniques to stay unscathed. In each separate battle and opponent, choose for yourself different combat tactics accordingly, to finish them off as quickly as possible.

Lots of game es

When Downloading Super Stickman Dragon Warriors for Android you will experience 7 different game es. Each game e is geared towards saving the world in danger, but depending on the e you will be able to choose a different character and fight different opponents.

super stickman dragon warriors  apk

With 7 es including PVP, Versus, Story, Tournament, Boss hunter, Survival and Training, you will discover many interesting stories and meet other powerful opponents.

In addition, you can also refer to some similar games with the same typical theme such as Real Gangster Crime APK

Play online

This action game requires you to connect to the Internet to get the full feeling and explore many interesting things in the game. As long as the connection is stable everywhere, you can fight whenever you want.

Vivid sound effects and beautiful graphics

One of the most impressive features of the game is the Japanese anime-style graphics, based on characters that have been inspired by manga.

super stickman dragon warriors latest version

With many new features that bring a completely different experience from games of the same type, Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK will help you prove the true strength of a warrior with many fierce battles.

Game highlights:

  • In the game you will transform into a warrior possessing many magical powers.
  • Experience many different game es
  • Test your luck with the gift wheel.
  • More heroes, warriors and items.
  • Join the online battle at any time.


With an extremely attractive and attractive game like this, it is a waste not to Download the latest version of Super Stickman Dragon Warriors to play today.

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