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Information of Stardew Valley

Name Stardew Valley
Google Play Link Google Play Link
Developer ConcernedApe
Category Role Playing
MOD Unlimited Money
Last version
Compatible with Android 4.4+


  • Unlimited Money and Stamina
  • When crafting, ingredients are not wasted.
  • You can craft all things, even those for which you do not have enough resources.

Download Stardew valley apk if you enjoy simulation games. Stardew valley engages you with role-playing farming activities and other important daily activities.

Description of Stardew Valley

Stardew valley is an interesting RPG game that engages players with many farming activities like harvesting crops and selling them to make profits in the game. Stardew valley is quite engaging, with many activities to try out. Players will play as a character in the game, either male or female.

This game is entertaining with simple gameplay. Players can freely explore this gameplay at their own pace. Stardew valley has been a point of subject to lots of people, even YouTubers, because of the story behind its launch and the gameplay.

stardew valley download

There are many characters in the game, and you can converse and communicate with them hence making the game fun. Stardew valley was created by Eric Barone, also known as Concerned Ape. An individual developed this game. Eric Barone worked in this game for over four years to make it a good fit, and you will agree that he did a great job with the game.

Stardew valley has become a source of attraction to many gamers worldwide, with over 1 million downloads and players. This game immerses players in its simple yet awesome gameplay and beautiful graphics content. It is rated for 12 years old and above; however, a 1010-year-old can play the game.

stardew valley mod apk free

There are no disturbing ads, complicated game controls, and graphics in stardew valley. Players will enjoy this game to the fullest. If you are bored or looking for a game to pass the time and engage you, Stardew valley is a great game to try out.

This game appears as a paid version on the apple store and google play store. However, we have an alternative for you, download and install the stardew valley apk on your mobile device. You don't have to pay for premium content in this latest version, and you will enjoy many.


Unique Gameplay

Players will play as a boy or girl (depending on the selected gender when you open the game) who is stressed and tired of life activities, but all of a sudden remember his late grandfather's words that if he gets tired of life, he should open up an envelope kept in his house in the village.

stardew valley apk

Players will set out for the village to get the envelope, where you will discover that you just inherited a piece of land to cultivate crops and breed livestock to make money from it. The game location is in a small village called Pelican town. You will start this game like a real-life activity on the first day of every month with a small capital (15 reddish seeds).

At the beginning of the game, the farmland looks messy and scattered, and you must clear and clean it up before you commence other activities. After you have cleared the land, you will plant seeds and water them often till they grow and are ready to be harvested. While waiting for harvest, you can engage in many life activities like attending festivals, sleeping, monitoring the plants, watering them daily, etc.

tai stardew valley phien ban moi nhat

There are four seasons in this game, and each season contains 28 days with different weather and climate conditions, which will affect your productivity. For instance, during summer it is suggested that you grow fruits or vegetables. This is because they will grow significantly during this period, and they have a high sell value. Whereas during winter, you can go fishing in streams and ponds.

Players are not only engaged with farming activities but also communicating with characters living in the town and engaging in festivals making this game interesting to play.

Simple Controls

Stardew valley has optimized and simple touch controls. There is no complication while playing this game. You can easily move your characters by touching the screen and moving your hands in the direction you want them to move.

tai stardew valley mien phi

A simple feature control will give you a responsive interaction with the characters. In addition, you can connect your device to an external gamepad for easy and responsive controls.

Customization Option

Stardew valley players have the chance to create unique characters with different costumes and accessories. Players can choose characters themselves, either male or female, and then customize them into what they want.

There are collections of outfits, facial looks, skin, hairstyles, and many more to choose from to get the desired look.

In-game activities and interactions

To make this game interesting and engaging for users, developers offer users in-game activities and interactions. Players can communicate with other characters in the town, so the game is not boring.

game stardew valley

Also, players can engage in activities like attending festivals, seasonal celebrations, making friends, and more. Asides from farming and engaging in these activities, you can go fishing in the afternoon and make delicious meals or sell the fish to make profits. These activities are engaging, making the game fun and not dull.

Awesome graphics content

Stardew valley's game content is well-designed and attractive. This game has simple yet attractive graphics content that is accessible on low-end mobile devices. Enjoy this RPG game on any device with its simple graphics.

Sound effect

Stardew valley has a peaceful soundtrack, and players will enjoy fantastic game sounds and soft tunes in the environment.


Download the stardew valley apk if you enjoy RPG simulation games and also get access to premium content. Stardew Valley is a great game with nice graphics and simple gameplay.

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