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Super product Soul Knight APK – a dungeon exploration game that attracts players with the classic context and storyline that requires players to have acumen to overcome the stage to recover the magic pill to maintain balance of the world.

Soul Knight game introduction

Developed and published by ChillyRoom Inc in 2017, the game Soul Knight  was successfully launched, attracting a large number of gamers.

The world fell into the situation of "thousands of pounds hanging hair". It all depends on you recovering that magic stone to save the world from danger.

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Set in the age of guns and swords, the magical stone that helps maintain the balance of the world has been stolen by alien creatures using high-tech equipment. The whole world fell into the situation of "thousands of pounds hanging hair". It all depends on you recovering that magic stone to save the world from danger.

Soul Knight APK has super smooth and extremely interesting gameplay with unique graphics, which is the perfect combination of RPG and shooter genres to satisfy players' desire to experience the game for a long time. Coming to this gameplay, you will be able to explore the deep world in gloomy, dark castles combined with collecting huge weapons, dodging bullets and destroying all enemies.

Discover the appeal of the game Soul Knight APK

Join the epic arcade battle:

The fate of planet Earth is on the verge of death because the magic stone has been taken. Soul Knight APK players will have to fight enemies to save the world.

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Initially, the player will transform into a Knight character with the skill of using a pistol. The pistol does small damage, but the firing speed is extremely fast. After accumulating enough money, the player can upgrade the character or open another character with another weapon.

Each time you play, you will be in a completely different environment. This feature brings a new experience every time you play the game so as not to cause boredom for gamers.

When exploring dungeons, be careful and watch out for dangerous traps as well as hundreds of strange objects in each dungeon that will suddenly turn into bullets to attack you. Always stay alert and focused on those erratic variables.

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You can equip yourself with advanced weapons or power-ups at the end of each level so you can choose to level up. Some of the rewards that you collect and unlock will make you immune to certain traps while walking in dungeons, restore health more quickly, or can slow down enemy bullets, helping you to grip than the win.

Download Soul Knight APK for free to open all for Android to experience many other special and attractive features.

Massive arsenal:

Each time you pass the gate, the weapon you use will also be different. Game Soul Knight online multiplayer APK has over 170 different weapons for you to choose freely.

Each weapon has its own strengths, be smart when making choices to help you defeat your opponent more easily. For example, when using a gun you can destroy the enemy quickly but it takes a lot of mana and Blade has greater damage but the range is quite short but you will not spend mana for this weapon, …

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For many players of Soul Knight, playing Soul Knight online multiplayer APK Vietnamese is a top requirement because playing in online e you will discover many interesting things as well as be fully burned when experiencing this level. smoothness of this game.

Top notch graphics and sound:

The game is designed with legendary Pixel 2D graphics, so it has a great attraction. Along with that is a beautiful, eye-catching weapon effect, a variety of colors, a diverse map that makes players fascinated.

The sound of the game simulates Arcade games, or the sound of old video games with the sounds of gunfire, the sound of ax slashing is very pleasing.


In general, Soul Knight APK - a dungeon exploration game with unique gameplay, diverse weapon systems and characters, gives players great experiences. So, what are you waiting for, quickly download Soul Knight open all free for Android Vietnam here.

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