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Leave your mark as the greatest Shinobi around in Shinobi Girl Mini APK, a 2D action-packed Android game where your killer instincts are put to the test


Shinobis were legendary Japanese warriors who would take part in super-secret covert operations and work as mercenaries for Japan. Their methods of operation were unorthodox as they didn’t take part in direct assaults but instead relied on their ability to blend into environments to subdue enemies. They relied heavily on infiltration and silent assassinations and were incredibly effective in this field.

In Shinobi Girl Mini APK, you play as one such Shinobi in a 2D action game developed by Shinobi Girl Mini Inc. Taking heavily from Japanese culture the game features anime-style graphics and does a great job of putting you in the shoes of a highly skilled assassin. The Shinobi you get to play as at the beginning is not the only one available to you, you can personalize your very own character and play the game in its entirety with your character.

Most times Shinobis never participated in direct assault and this very same characteristic carries forward to this game, you will not directly fight opponents but will instead try to avoid them as they come at you in waves.

Shinobi Girl Mini APK is set in a dark tomb not far from Tokyo setting the stage for the impending battle. You as a brave Shinobi seek to explore the ruins and destroy the creatures before they escape and wreak havoc. Movement is constrained to within this zone where enemies will start appearing from both sides forcing you to instinctively dodge.

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The enemies that will attack you are not the usual ones you will encounter in fighting games, instead of facing humans, you will face off against mythical creatures never seen before. Among the enemies you will encounter are a Spiked – winged eyeball and a snake coated in tough armor. Coming in contact with any one of these creatures will take a toll on your overall HP so try and avoid touching them as much as you can.

How to Play Shinobi Girl Mini APK

Game Flow

  • Start off on the title screen welcoming you into the game
  • Movement in the game is done from left to right by swiping across the screen
  • Your character can be swapped out for a custom character of your creation
  • In Shinobi Girl Mini APK, you will start out in a tunnel with enemies floating into the frame
  • Your HP bar sits at the top and depletes whenever you take damage
  • The enemies cannot be attacked and once touched will drain your health
  • Make it through levels without getting hit to win
  • Clearing levels earn you a reward which you can use to upgrade your character’s health

Exciting Features to Look Out for in Shinobi Girl Mini APK

  • Easy to Grasp Control Scheme

The controls of Shinobi Girl Mini APK are really easy to get a hang of in no time. There’s not much room for exploration outside of the tomb where most of your battles will take place in. The game's basic controls involve moving left and right or up and down to dodge oncoming enemies. Your health bar indicates how much damage you can take before losing the game.

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  • Amazing Graphics

Shinobi Girl Mini APK features great graphics with good detail and well-drawn sprites. The choice of color scheme enhances the experience as the desolate backdrop fully fits the atmosphere the game is going for. In Japanese culture, Shinobis were famously known for wearing minimal clothing to make the least amount of noise and move through shadows without making a sound, an attribute carried forward to our main character in the game.

  • Smooth Animations

The game constantly keeps you on your feet and requires you to always be moving to avoid enemies on the map so it’s only fair that the animations can keep up, which they accomplish with excellent results. The animations in this game are second to none with each motion triggering a unique sequence of animations making every movement seem fluid and natural.

  • Compelling Story

Shinobi Girl Mini for Android captures the appeal of past Shinobi with a story of one noble Shinobi who rises up against unknown creatures. The creatures appeared out of nowhere and posed a threat to the nearby city of Tokyo making their extermination a mission of great importance.

  • No Ads or In-app Purchases

A massive positive for Shinobi Girl Mini APK is that the game is fully free of In-app purchases and adverts. This exclusion makes the game all the more enjoyable as you don’t have to split your attention trying to purchase upgrades. The experience is also not interrupted allowing you to indulge for hours.

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  • Augmented Reality

Shinobi Girl Mini Mobile has a unique feature not present in most games, it has an augmented reality feature that enhances gameplay by bringing enemies into the real world making it look like they are in the same room as you.

Useful tips for Features of Shinobi Girl Mini APK

  • React Swiftly

The enemies coming at you on screen are unrelenting and will continue to appear to try and force you to make a mistake, depleting your HP. Think as fast as a Shinobi would to avoid taking any damage from these pitiful creatures.

  • Don’t let the enemies touch you

The antagonists of Shinobi Girl Mini APK cannot be attacked directly and will cause damage from just a touch, this makes them very dangerous. Dodge them and attack from a distance to finish them off and clear the level.

Shinobi Girl Mini APK Download

Download Shinobi Girl Mini APK to save the citizens of Tokyo from impending danger from the evil tentacle creatures before they break out of the tomb. You are the last hope of Tokyo and must live up to the legacy of past Shinobi before you, Good Luck!

shinobi girl mini apk


Shinobi Girl Mini APK is a wild experience with such a simple premise that anyone can follow and get caught up in. The gameplay is fun and intuitive and the graphics are remarkable. It makes for a good time when you need to hop into a satisfying low-input game with addictive mechanics.

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