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Reface APK and enjoy this editing app that allows you to create funny faces on your pictures and videos. Edit pictures with different filters and presets.

Description of Reface APK

Photo editing apps are getting more popular in the mobile world, with new applications coming out daily. But it is not every day that you discover a photo editing app like Reface APK that allows you to put celebrity faces on your pictures and videos.

Editing faces has become a new trend, but with its advanced features and pleasing interface, this application has become one of the world's most famous face editing apps today, as it has millions of users. It is a mobile application available on every smartphone and for download on all platforms.

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Reface APK is an app for editing and adding various funny effects to your pictures and videos offered by Neocortext incorporated. It made its debut on December 23rd, 2019. Carrying an M rating, it suggests that individuals aged 18 and older are suitable to access this application. The Reface APK platform will enable you to enjoy a fantastic editing experience with various effects and add multiple faces to your pictures or videos.

 Using the Reface APK, you are allowed to edit images and swap their faces with any look you want; it can be your favorite musician, comedian, or even your favorite soccer player. The app is entertaining as it offers different editing styles and features, from gif editors to stylish filters and the freedom to replace faces. This can all be done with the tap of a finger.

If you are on the lookout for a top-tier solution to create animated pictures, films, and memes, that combines simplicity with a superior user interface, then Reface APK emerges as the ideal choice. Keep in mind that a reface latest version apk offers advanced features.

What can you do with Reface APK?

There is a lot that you can enjoy with Reface APK. The editing face swap app has a wide range of features available for you to edit to your satisfaction and taste. Using this app, you are allowed to make memes, edit gifs and videos, as well as swap faces of pictures, which are ways of creating playful hilarious content. Nowadays, everyone uses cliche editing methods, but this app makes recreating more exciting and fun.

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The other things you can do with this app include the ability to animate your pictures and turn them into cartoon-like edits. Producing and modifying videos has become effortless, as you can craft top-notch videos in just a handful of easy steps.

If all the effects and styles are used properly, you will surely get the best results you are looking for. People often use apps like this to give their edits a more stylish and unique look.

You can do a lot on Reface APK, but downloading the reface apk 990 version is the best choice you can make as you can enjoy advanced features such as full access to videos and Gifs.

The Reface APK app is pretty easy to use and has a very satisfying user interface. Anyone can get started using this editing app, which is easy to navigate and use.

Using Reface APK

Using this application for the first time, you will automatically be placed on the free version before opting whether you will go for the paid version. The first thing you notice on the app is whether you would like to upload pictures from existing sources like your camera roll, files, or any drive. The other option is directly taking a picture using your phone camera with the inbuilt camera. Once the image is uploaded, you now decide how you want it to be edited using various features and presets made available to you.

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After completion, you can store the graphic in various file formats, such as jpeg, png, and others. The manner in which your visual is stored can be tailored to define both its appearance and dimensions. Once finalized, your creation can be directly saved to your device's gallery. Additionally, the material is readily shareable across social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram


Features on Reface APK

You can enjoy different features on the Reface APK app. The editing platform has loads of features on the free version, but even more when you purchase the paid version. Some of the features are:

  • Face swapping:

This application's main feature is the ability to swap people's faces in images with anyone or anything of your choice. Recreate your pictures and change your face with your favorite movie stars, celebrities, or tv characters.

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  • Freedom to animate your edits:

Enjoy animating your edits and bringing them to life. Add movements that make your edits more interesting to look at.

  • Sharing to social media platforms:

 Share your finished work on social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and enjoy showing your friends and family your work

  • Different Filters and presets:

Reface APK offers a variety of filters and presets that can be used to edit your pictures in different unique styles. Instead of using the cliché black and white filters, use this and enjoy using new filters that will appeal to the eyes of anyone that sees them.

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  • Use of Gifs and memes:

Create and edit various gifs to your taste. Also, you are allowed to create funny faces and hilarious memes and also view uploaded ones that will keep users entertained

There are a lot more features that users can explore when they download this app and start using it


Reface APK is the perfect application for anyone who wants to have a new editing experience and fun. Packed with an array of features, editing capabilities, effects, and diverse filters, this application provides countless avenues for creativity. Its instinctive and easy-to-use interface guarantees a smooth experience for users.

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