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If you love beautiful, shiny racing cars with the most ern accessories and paint colors today, passionate about speed and exciting races, Real Drift Car Racing apk is the game for you.

About Real Drift Car Racing apk

Real Drift Car Racing apk is a game that many young people have been experiencing around the world. The game's content is quite simple. Race cars stand in front of the starting line, accelerate, dodge obstacles, compete with each other or even squeeze each other to bring about the most glorious victory. The racing cars will be equipped with all the world's most advanced technology with super power engines, using nitrogen to accelerate to new heights, the best quality wheels. will now be used immediately in Real Drift Car Racing.

real drift car racing free download

Real Drift Car Racing has a lot of different racing tracks. You can sink into the power of speed on the roads of the famous city of Los Angeles, the dreamy Paris city, the burning desert, the suburbs of vast fields,... The map of the game will be diverse. everywhere in the world. What could be better than conquering all the top prizes in all global races? Surely that racer will be extremely famous and admired and pursued by all speed enthusiasts.

Exciting race track

Real Drift Car Racing uses a lot of different tracks. It could be in the street with lots of other cars on the road and lots of obstacles blocking you on your way to the finish line. Or you can be at a construction site with roads full of objects blocking the road,... You need to use your wits and skillful steering skills to keep yourself safe and reach the finish line. The earliest.

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On the track there will also be objects called items. As you pass them you will reach a completely different speed threshold. It will probably make you launch into the sky to dodge obstacles on the way and also help you overcome formidable opponents ahead.

Manually upgrade your car

Your iron steeds need careful care. The cars will be upgraded by you yourself. You can paint your car with your favorite color palette, increase the power of the engine, replace the old wheels with the most ern wheels today. All these things will make your chariot more beautiful, the time to reach the top speed will be shortened and the chances of winning the first prize of the race will become increasingly real.

Extreme graphics

Real Drift Car Racing uses images that are quite close to our reality. The street lights, glossy paint colors, ... Everything around will make you almost sitting right in the car. Because they are very similar to real life. The feeling of being immersed in speed, rushing on the street will be even more real when you download Real Drift Car Racing for android.

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When you accelerate suddenly, your screen will appear some extremely special effects. It feels like you are also being sucked into that terrifying speed. The car's muffler will also catch fire or emit silvery white smoke. Those special things are only possible in Real Drift Car Racing.

Exciting sound

Real Drift Car Racing mobile uses extremely fiery background music. It can be the famous EDM music, the Trap song that urges people,... The rolling sound as well as the noise of the car engine will mix with those burning sounds that will make your mind endless. We are excited to be embarking on this special journey.

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Each racetrack arena will have different light and sound. You will have a great experience discovering all the special things in this game. Get on the track and challenge all speed limits today.

Easy way to play

Real Drift Car Racing apk has a simple gameplay even for those who experience this game for the first time. When entering the game you will be guided in the most methodical way. Your game view will also be wide open to be able to see the track as well as all the obstacles on your way.

real drift car racing  apk

Everything you need will appear on the screen. Turning, braking, accelerating,... will be right at your fingertips. The rest is to use your intelligence and speed racing talent to win all the levels in the shortest time.


Download the latest version of Real Drift Car Racing and immerse yourself in the speed of racing around the world. Become the most talented racer and have exciting moments of entertainment with Real Drift Car Racing apk.

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