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Download My Singing Monster for Android, a free-to-install mobile game application offered by Big Blue Bubble Inc and released in October 2012. The game welcomes you to the world of weird-looking monsters. You have to collect many monsters, feed and raise them. Your monster collection has to be taken care of in this musical game. My Singing Monster APK is easy to understand and can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device.

My Singing Monsters APK Game Description

If you are a fan of monster games, you will love My Singing Monsters APK. Several games feature monsters in the industry, and lovers of this genre are always thrilled to play. In My Singing Monsters APK, your sole objective is to train the monsters and listen to their songs. The ugly-looking monsters possess unique musical instruments and vocal sounds.

With the help of the musical talents of these monsters, you can create beautiful sounds in their world. There is a concert hall for each island with over 30 monsters to care for. Bring your creative and leadership skills to the game, as various tasks must be completed. You must feed your monsters, buy them food, replace structures with new ones, and plant trees.

download my singing monsters for android

My Singing Monsters APK presents players with a magical world of sounds. Many monsters as possible and build a new world for yourself. You can combine monsters to get huge ones while you enjoy the game’s animation and sound effects. Players stand a chance to win many rewards if the game’s goals and achievements are completed.

My Singing Monsters APK Gameplay

This game features simple gameplay that starts with a basic garden. Every monster in the game is a music lover, and they sing as each egg hatches. Develop your miniature garden for more popularity. When you begin the game, you will see the white monsters sing the Bourne Bone, and the rock-like imitate a drum for their rhythm. Unknown monsters can be created in the game by obtaining, mixing, purchasing, and hatching eggs.

The music in the background gets thicker and leaves the lonely solo tune as your monster increases. While for the hatching to be complete, you can play the mini-game. In the game, you must recall how each monster sang and guess the order. You would get a reward for the mini-games you play.

my singing monsters free download

Also, you can enjoy the game of miniature garden. The game requires you to get rid of rocks and trees causing obstruction, make bait and raise monsters for a level-up. You would earn so much money from doing this. This game gets more exciting as you collect more monsters and imagine what your garden will look like when it is completed.

Features of My Singing Monsters APK

Let us check out the notable features of My Singing Monsters APK:

Decorate Your Island

My Singing Monsters APK brings you so much fun through the island design. You can curate decors and make them unique even for your island. Since you have charge over the island, occupy lands and eliminate the trees that stand in your way. Many structures can be to help you with the goals.

my singing monsters  apk newupversion

Collect Monsters

The game brings you to a beautiful island where you will experience peace. You must feed the monster you find on the island, breed it, and listen to it. Buying monsters helps you increase

your collection and increases your chances of hybridizing. Create new species of monsters, breed them, and put them in new homes.

Your monsters will create flutes, drums, or songs to be abreast with the tone of your island. Every monster must contribute sounds and propel you to breed new monsters for more unique tunes. A seemingly disorganized sound will come from overcrowding your island with monsters. So be careful while you collect monsters.

my singing monsters apk latest version


You can create various structures like bakeries, castles, and so on in the game. These structures can be built while the monsters grow. Lookout for designs and decorations to be while you focus on structures. Asides from the structures, you can islands, complete tasks, and earn rewards.

Up To 150 Distinct Monsters

Since the storyline of My Singing Monsters download free game is plain, it might be challenging to explore the game features. The reason is due to the number of monsters you collect. There are over 150 monsters with different species for you to collect. Along with the monsters, you can decorations for beautifying your island.

my singing monsters  apk

These monsters by paying in the game currency and have fun hatching monsters like Noggin and Mammott. Set up your bakery and upgrade your monsters on the island. Buy treats like cakes, bread, and cookies for your monsters from the bakery.

Final thoughts on My Singing Monsters APK

Download My Singing Monsters APK to enjoy various features like beautifying your island and breeding monsters. Put your singing monsters on the island, breed them to be happy, and enjoy their melodies. Make use of beautiful decorations to make your island look more appealing and breathtaking. Download My Singing Monsters' latest version now to explore the world of fantasy and magic.

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