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You can not only surf on your phone to play Mobile Legends, but right on your beloved computer, you can also play horizontally and vertically. Let's create a perfect army with your teammates with the champion of your choice.

Introduction of the Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends, also known as Bang Bang, is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology. The game has gained popularity in Southeast Asia and will be the first medal event at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Today, the opportunity to participate in large and small Esports tournaments in the country and internationally is not too difficult when you come to Mobile Legends. We and our teammates overwhelm the opponent to win the glory.

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No need to spend too much time, you just need a short amount of time to enter a match just for you. The match of the game takes place when we form 2 teams with   numbers of 5-5. The two factions will enter the map of Mobile Legends together and make three main roads.

You will have to choose from the positions that were given earlier such as:

The first is Top lane: The generals have the ability to be ready to fight in this position, a confrontation between heavy fighters. In this decisive war, they are the leaders, with the task of making specific plans to come up with this strategy of struggle.

Jungle: An important forest location in the map, where the generals have the ability and experience to conquer monsters, build and protect the inherent forest resources and testify more and more widely. bigger.

Go to the Mid lane position: Here the generals cast spells to confront the enemy and have the task of balancing and protecting the whole team. If here our team prevails, then they can control  the entire map, suppressing the enemy to win.

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When it comes to the role of a gunner, who has a superior ability to shoot compared to other generals, deals quite high damage during the struggle, the more important the role, the more dangerous life is forced to be protected 24/ 24 because it's very easy to kill. Therefore, if you are responsible for this position, you cannot lack a friend who stands by your side.

Finally, there is the position of the generals who are able to support the blood of the soldiers on their team or possess other super-powerful skills.

It's not necessary to fight in the above 5 positions, you can play as creatively as you want. You can use gladiators, mage to replace the position of gunner, support. But in any case, the role of responsibility comes first.

The pace of a Mobile Legend match is quite fast, sometimes a game game is only about 10 minutes. However, the game still requires skill and tactical thinking in the player. To increase your "level", you can learn through videos of other players and practice regularly.

Mobile Legends is extremely diverse, where you can create many different strategies. It all depends on creativity and skill. You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each champion. To make the game more and more attractive  and attract the audience, the publisher will constantly update new champions and create great skills for them to learn to be able to give their best in the game.

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With the moves to dodge the enemy's moves, accidentally creating a series of combos, beautiful images, controlling many enemies, you can do everything to lead to victory because there are no rules in Mobile Legend. which is bound to the framework at all.

Highlights of Mobile Legend

The perfect combination of 3D images and sound is extremely epic, giving players the feeling of a real-life battle right in the forest with monsters like Dragon, Stone Man….Building a perfect gameplay entirely based on skill,

You do not need to think too much about paying to win, because here the game is free to download, Here shows the true level of players. Try to combine well with your teammates, only then will you have the opportunity to make a glorious victory that if you go alone you cannot reach that glory.

Mobile Legends, Bang Bang is more challenging and interesting in terms of gameplay, plot, strategy or all your experiences that gamers have experienced after going through.

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In addition, Mobile Legends owns a cartoon-oriented graphic background, bringing a gentle, lovely feeling.

Discovering, creating, paralleling, uniting, applying IQ at the highest level is the key to winning Mobile Legends.


Why not give yourself the opportunity to reach the world with Mobile Legend?

Let me try this wonderful feeling guys, here you can see how powerful and cool I am.

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