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Download Human fall flat Mod APK and enjoy playing this puzzle-styled adventure game. Control Bob in amazing parkour and find new ways to get to the secret gates!

Brief Description of Human Fall Flat APK

Puzzle games have been a big thing in the mobile gaming world recently and are getting better and better. They have been developed to the point that it is more than matching three tiles. There are more exciting gameplays on puzzle-based games with intriguing ways of playing. Human fall flat APK has taken puzzle games to a new dimension with its exciting gameplay.

Human fall flat APK was originally a game that was only available on game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, but due to popular demand, a mobile version was developed. This game was viral and had many players worldwide because of its intriguing gameplay. It is a mixture of a casual puzzle game with challenging but exciting physical rules.

human fall flat apk obb

In Human fall flat APK, you take control of Bob. Bob is a human character that can be customized to your satisfaction and taste. He is the main character of this game, and he’s a basic human with no superpowers or abilities.

You can’t enjoy teaching bob how to fight or equipping him with lethal weapons to fight but what appeals to players is that there are different exciting costumes that you can use to dress bob up to appear more fun. There is a wide range of ensembles, including superheroes, favorite cartoon characters, or fantastic shapes and figures.

Although it is constantly being upgraded, it was initially released on the 25th of June, 2019, and it was published by 505 Games Srl. It is rated 3+, meaning most people can enjoy playing this game as it contains little or no violence, mind-blowing puzzles, and recreational activities. The operations of this game are pretty easy to use. There is an on-screen joystick that is used to navigate and perform actions.

human fall flat apk

Human fall flat APK is an exciting puzzle adventure game where you enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles to navigate through different landscapes and getting to new points. This game has many levels, so you will enjoy playing this game for a long time. The human fall flat APK 110000 download is available on all platforms.

Fun Gameplay and Concept

Human fall flat APK is a causal puzzle adventure game. It is a game that can be played by yourself or team up with other people, a multiplayer mode where you can enjoy playing with your friends or family in different game modes, including an online game mode. You can be up to four players in the co-op mode.

In this game, you take control of bob, an ordinary human with no special abilities or powers, and your main job is to control him from one point to another in stunning landscapes.

This game is a puzzle game that has fascinating physical rules. There is no point in attacking or defending as there is no one you’re facing. The objective is to get bob from his initial position to the endpoint, a secret portal. This game gives a different experience from playing puzzle games. Instead of solving weird stories or puzzles, this game asks you to finish easy requests to get things done so you’ll reach the secret portal.

human fall flat apk mod

The movements on bob are drunkenly clumsy, so getting to your final destination is more complicated. Players are meant to learn to walk and move around in this game, as it is vital when playing this game.

This game has no rules or regulations, so you can do whatever you like as long as you pass your ultimate goal, finding the secret gate and opening up new maps. There are different landscapes, and the entrance is hidden in weird places in each location. Sometimes it can be on a very high platform, but the game customized bob to have sticky-like features so you can enjoy climbing to more elevated platforms and can also be used to carry objects around.

Each map has different themes and ways you must complete to pass them, so you must discover new ways to pass. For example, there will be a level where you are stuck in a room with only a wooden box, and you have to either break the door or find a way to use it to climb over the wall. This is a typical example of diverse puzzles that can be solved differently. It all depends on how creative you are and which solutions you can think of.

human fall flat apk android

This game has different game modes, so users will be kept engaged. You can play by yourself or in a co-op multiplayer mode of up to four players. In the online multiplayer mode, you can enjoy playing with different people, which makes playing easier as you can come up with other solutions together. Regardless of how good you are At playing this game, this game is an entertaining game that people will enjoy.

This game also has a lot of attires and skins that you can use to customize bob and give your character a beautiful appearance. There are different designs that you use to customize bob. From cartoon characters to superheroes, many fun costumes are available. But note that the outfits don’t give you special abilities or features but only change your appearance.

The visual system in this game is excellent as there are stunning designs and attractive illustrations of the environment. It is a virtual world, but the physics laws make the game system appear very realistic. The game's sound system is also perfect, with excellent sound effects and incredible background music.

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Human fall flat APK is an entertaining game with intriguing gameplay that will keep players interested as long as they play it.

The Game Features To Look Out For

There are a lot of game features that you can look out for:

  • The game has many costumes that you can equip on your character
  • There are different game modes, so users will be kept engaged
  • Simple gameplay
  • Multiple landscapes and environments
  • Beautiful graphics and a good sound system


Human fall flat APK is a fascinating game with many levels that keep users engaged as they play. There are different costumes that players can equip, so there is much to look forward to. It also had good graphics.

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