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Surely in each of us, no one is too unfamiliar with the game of hide and seek of childhood. The innocent joyful moments of adolescence are etched in each person's memory and cannot be forgotten. Now the game Hide Online APK will bring us moments like returning to our childhood with the theme of hide and seek.

Introducing Online Latest Version

You are feeling bored with popular games on the market, then try once with Hide Online APK that will surely give you the best moments.

Online Storyline Latest Version

The plot of Hide Online APK is inspired by a famous fairy tale beauty and monster. The content of this series has a detail that the servants and bodyguards of the monster prince have been cursed and turned into objects in the vast castle.

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Like the butler of the kettle, the candle guard, the chef spoon, ... In this game you will be transformed into the objects in the castle. But the only thing that is quite important is that you cannot attack anyone, you can only move and hide. It's worth the experience, isn't it?

Online Gameplay Latest Version

In this Hide Online Online game, you will be automatically paired, a match will take place with two teams including the team to find and the team to hide.

If in the past when you played hide and seek, you would have to find a place to hide carefully and not let people find it, then in this game Hide Online Mobile, you will be transformed into any object in the map. Your job will have to find a very suitable location so that the finder does not feel unusual and detect you.

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Does it sound too simple? Do you think this is the end? Not at all, to increase the difficulty of the game, the developer has designed more features, that is, after a certain amount of time, you will automatically turn into another object. This is a key point of the game. For example, you are in the form of a book and you have chosen the hiding place is on the bookshelf, when the time is up, you turn into a chair, it makes no sense that the chair is on the bookshelf, right? ?If you do not move to the appropriate location right away, you will most likely be found by someone who finds an anomaly and discovers you. But if you suddenly encounter a searcher while on the move, you are considered unlucky.

As a seeker in the game Hide Online Download, you will be equipped with a weapon, every time you find an abnormality, swing your attacks. If it's just a normal item, it's fine, but if you're a player, it's like that player reaches the number and you eliminate an opponent. You need to go and find and exploit your team's loopholes and find clues to uncover who lurks.

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The duration of the game will be within three minutes. If by the end of the time, the search team has found all the hiding teams, which means that the team in search of victory and vice versa if the hiding team still has survivors to the end, the victory will belong to the team. escape team.

Online Graphics Latest Version

The game Hide Online Free brings an extremely beautiful and vivid 3D graphics, the objects are described and portrayed in an extremely realistic way, because the characters will be transformed into objects so you will You can see a lot of extremely beautiful details from the graphics of the hide online game For Android. The colors of the game are extremely bright, making players feel most comfortable when playing. Sound is an equally important part of this game. You will be immersed in the great graphics and sound of the game. The perfect combination of both graphics and sound so you will play the game comfortably and happily.

Hide Online tai xuong mien phi

The game's keyboard shortcuts are extremely well designed to help a huge part of gamers play the game extremely easily. The control points are arranged very conveniently to make you enjoy the game.


This is a fun game that is extremely worth it for you to download Hide Online Latest Version to try once, so let's relax with your friends after moments of tiring study or work with a game game. happy. Assure you that this is a game with great comedy that will make players laugh non-stop.

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