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Enchanting and captivating is all we can say about Grow Empire. This game is developed by Game Station, publisher of Art of War 3. It is a combination of strategy mechanics, tower defense and role-playing elements. With this considerable variety, the game has achieved an impressive number of 10 million downloads. Players will not quickly get bored because of the extremely unique game mode of this game.

Overview of Grow Empire

When immersing yourself in the latest version of Grow Empire, you will be the leader, leading your army to conquer other provinces. At the same time, you must defend your land against enemies such as the Carthaginians, the Iberian barbarians and the Etruscans.

grow empire rome latest version

Becoming a hero and leading a vast army to defeat other extremely solid legions is a feeling of heroism that you have never had before. So let's see what this game is all about right now and why it has become the way it is all over the world!

Build a mighty army

In many games, if you want to use your soldiers effectively, you definitely have to upgrade them as much as you can. There are four different types of soldiers in your army.

  • Spearman: they're good for defense and they're designed with combat bonuses in mind when fighting cavalry. Your team can't be without them.
  • Archers: this will be your main defense when they side with the wall in battle. Besides, they possessed combat rewards compared to spearmen, so they were really needed.
  • Swordsman: this is the basic unit in your army. They play as a mainstay because they are useful in defense as well as attack, and they don't have any weak points. However, they do not have the bonus of fighting against others.
grow empire rome mod apk
  • Cavalry: the horse will punch directly and make a hole through any enemy line. They are the first in your army due to their deadly effectiveness.
  • Thanks to their maneuverability and speed, they can attack from behind, from the flanks and deliver devastating results. Moreover, you can use them against archers.
  • In general, you should upgrade each type of soldier equally so that your army has a balanced strength. And when you reach the max upgrade level of 10, your troops will be much more effective in siege battles.

Buy many necessary items in the store

The store in Grow Empire Mobile is quite simple. Here you can purchase more crystals for your card and commander needs. For those willing to spend your money on this game, you can buy some crystal packs. They are not expensive and you can unlock heroes. It depends on your needs.

Stunning visuals and mesmerizing sound

Download the latest version of Grow Empire which is designed with precise 3D visuals that you can experience through the action sequences or dramatic battle scenes. During the game, you will be provided with a map full of sharp 3D graphics without interfering with the game.

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In terms of sound, it seems to be carefully invested in the medieval battlefield style. Besides, each type of map will have different sounds. For example, if you play blizzard battle, you will hear strong winds with natural timbres that give you more motivation to conquer challenges. In addition to those factors, you also hear the sound of weapons, the sound of elephants galloping, making players even more fascinated and excited.

Tips to play Grow Empire APK

Here are some helpful tips for beginners.

Speed up the battle: in case you want to speed up the time of the battle, you can press the Play button, located at the top. This is useful when you don't want to wait long. This feature is quite similar to the automatic battle mechanism of Grow Empire Vietnameseization

Watch ads to earn more gold: every player doesn't like ads. But watching them is actually a great way to earn some gold, especially when you're running low.

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Invade colonies for gold: conquering territories is another way to earn more gold. You know that you build an empire not for fun, so you must always be ready to conquer and claim as much gold as you can.


Overall, Grow Empire Online is both easy to play and lightweight for your Android device. So it is completely possible to download and experience this exciting game. In addition, the fun and light-hearted content is also suitable for children aged ten and up. As a result, parents can ensure the entertainment, mental health and safety of their children. In the end, this is truly a unique game as it combines three different ways of playing, including RPG, strategy, and tower defense. You won't want to miss it!

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