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Founder Mark Zuckerberg helped Facebook quickly grow on a global scale, with a huge user base >2.5 billion in 2017. Bringing in billions of dollars in profits and making Mark the youngest billionaire in the world. at 27 years old with an estimated net worth of $31.6 billion in 2016. So what makes Facebook so appealing to users?

Easy to install and free to use Facebook

Currently, Facebook is available on all platforms, users can easily access it with any web browser or download it to mobile devices from app markets like Appstore and GooglePlay very easily and for free.

Facebook constantly updates new features

New features are constantly being updated by Facebook, making users always feel new every time they use it. In addition, Facebook also continuously acquires new startups with potential to add to the ecosystem, typically the acquisition of Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012. So, in addition to Facebook, users can completely use back and forth between products

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Real-time visual interaction

The distinguishing feature of Facebook lite from other social networks is real-time visual interaction. Users can share moments of themselves, friends and family almost instantly to the news feed for everyone to see, as well as can express emotions, comment on other people's moments instantly. easy way.

Find and make friends quickly with Facebook

With wide coverage, users can easily find their friends and relatives on Facebook or even make friends around the world. For users who still have FA, the newly launched "Dating" feature also helps them find the right match for them.

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Convenient and fast communication

Easily send messages, photos, videos or files with messenger - Facebook's messenger or make phone calls, video calls. Everything is so easy and fast

Build personal and organizational brands with Facebook

With the feature of creating personal profiles, building fanpages and allowing users to follow, Facebook has helped create a virtual world where users can create a virtual life. Names, profile pictures, personal information, activities are things users can create a virtual identity. For businesses, that's business information, company's products and services, projects, etc., which businesses can introduce to potential partners and customers.

Business is easy with Facebook

With a huge number of users Facebook gives individuals and organizations providing products and services a huge market. With strength in user data-name, age, gender, address…; Facebook easily markets products to each customer or customer group who really need the product or service correctly, helping businesses increase the conversion rate thereby increasing the revenue and profit of the business. and reduce marketing costs.

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Diverse learning with Facebook

In addition to entertainment content, Facebook is also home to a lot of academic content. Users can follow online courses, or life tips content from Fanpages with that content.

Receive news information

Although not official, Facebook is also a diverse information channel and is constantly updated by its own users. Unlike other forms of receiving information, users can completely express their feelings and thoughts towards such information, which is also a point to help retain users.

Is a fertile ground for Content Creators

Facebook offers a large audience and diverse formats from text content, images, videos, livestreams, etc. and there are certainly many new forms to be updated in the future to help content creators share your work to people and get instant feedback. Names like

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Potential market for Game developers

Facebook offers a wide and quality library of online games, providing for those who are busy but still want to make time for this passion. With a huge user base, game developers are free to build games in multiple genres and get release support. Outstanding success in recent years Candy Crush Saga, continuously ranked in the top of the most played games in the world in 2020, topped the list of highest grossing applications on many platforms from iOS, Android to Android. Linux and Windows have helped the developer Iking behind; ranked in the ranking of game publishers with the highest total revenue with $1.9 billion earned in 2020 alone.


Facebook is the most successful social network in the world both in terms of users and profits for the company. When it has provided value to both users and businesses, helping to connect people with each other, it seems that the geographical distance is no longer and the barrier for people to reach the world. It also reshaped the world, reshaping the way people work, communicate, and even live their lives.

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