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Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK today and experience the thrill of racing like never before, you can do whatever you want on the road.

Description of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

In the Extreme Car Driving Simulator multiplayer, you will take charge of numerous vehicles with many cylinders. You will put your skill to take advantage of every car's mechanical features to the challenge as you easily navigate the highways of a big town. The game also gives you the choice of fulfilling various tasks to earn awards, enabling you to access additional cars.

The ability to completely ify every one of your automobiles from storage is among the game's most intriguing features. You can change the vehicle's hue and other cosmetic features and some technical parameters to customize the racing dynamics to suit your requirements as a driver.

The game's stunning 3D visuals make controlling each vehicle feel incredibly authentic. In addition, you will easily use every vehicle because the touchscreens' control strategy has been thoroughly optimized. For example, you can regulate the pace by depressing the pump and stopping the pedal. In addition, you can adjust the direction by twisting the wheel.

download extreme car driving simulator apk

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK Vip continuously displays the kmph at which you travel so that you can experience the rush. Once you embark on operations that call for you to go past specific scanners or security checks, the details displayed on the device will be of tremendous assistance.

In the Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK all cars, you can examine cars from good manufacturers like Toyota, Porsche, and Ferrari on public roads and restricted circuits. By showcasing your racing prowess, we'll try to finish objectives as quickly as possible to break every league mark. However, suppose you prefer a more tranquil sensation. In that case, you can take a spin on one of the other magnificent race vehicles in the open racing option.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Gameplay

You will assume the role of a driver and travel anywhere you desire to visit using the vehicle. The game's user layout is comparable to Bus Simulator. The player will be equipped with an accelerator pedal, a braking system lever on the side, and 2 navigation controls. However, you won't have to operate a minibus to transport people along the highway; instead, you can perform whatever you like.

tai extreme car driving simulator cho android

The emphasis in Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK is not on acceleration. As a result, you won't need to go quickly to claim the highest races, unlike in Asphalt 8 or Real Racing. Instead, gamers must employ every effort to demonstrate their racing prowess.

It is obvious how racers demonstrate their talents on the highways if you've ever watched the popular television show Fast and Furious, particularly Tokyo Drift. The gameplay is similar; the more impressive racing manoeuvres you pull off, your point will be more significant. It is an excellent notion to drive swiftly and at a fast speed.

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Display your ability

Most of the locations where you carry out your duties and exercise will be on the highway, where numerous bystanders and moving automobiles will be driving. So how would you find a room big enough to let you easily demonstrate your methods?

extreme car driving simulator tai xuong mien phi

You will be dropped into a metropolis with no inhabitants while enjoying Extreme Car Driving Simulator Online, so all that is left is you and your vehicle. Without fear of disaster or being detained by the authorities, gamers can ride at the velocity of light or veer from one residence to the next quickly. The effects on gamers are enormous. Your skills enable you to keep your street persona and keep you from turning into a regretful crook.


Sports cars are a must-have in every racing simulator. This is also true in Extreme Car Driving Simulator download. Even if there aren't numerous automobiles in the video game, there are still several great sports cars. This ranges from more well vehicles to favorite brands of illustrious automakers like Bugatti and Maserati.

extreme car driving simulator  apk

On the contrary, players can use the multi-view functions of Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK vip while racing, allowing you to see everything from the interior to the exterior and up to the bottom. You can definitely see your automobile waltz on any highway using this feature. In addition, you can alter the body colors on your vehicles, which is one intriguing feature.

Graphics and audio

Similar to a driving game, Extreme Car driving Simulator online's visual engine is generally quite reliable. The graphic is striking and straightforward but does not compare to the well-known driving simulator Asphalt. But this is a good choice if you want to compete on mid-range phones. The audio is vibrant; you can feel the burst of the motor or the noise of the wheels sliding across the pavement.

Gymnastic activity

Gamers in this Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK game can quickly overtake fellow competitors by performing exquisite gymnastics rather than breaking or dodging due to congestion or other competitors. Proceed with caution in the game. You can also run as fast as you wish without the cops arresting you. You can use cunning and sophisticated strategies to outplay your rivals and win this race first.

Race layout

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator new update, the layout portrays all nearby sights in the most practical way possible, and the racecourse is bright and beautiful.

extreme car driving simulator phien ban moi nhat

This is comparable to a real-world racecourse. This contemporary design will excite and be appreciated by gamers. Additionally, all audio is conveyed clearly, generating an engaging environment that aids spectators' immersion and concentration during each match.


Extreme Car Driving Simulator old version has been around for a while and has gained a lot of player affection. The fact that this game has received over 100 million registered users on Play Store alone speaks volumes about its popularity. Therefore, if you are sick of speed games, download Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK latest version immediately to take on new difficulties as a wild racer.

Want to have fun with the adventure without needing to devote a lot of time to earning every single vehicle? To access the entire selection of vehicles in the game, download the Extreme Car Driving Simulator to access every vehicle. You can experience all the finest and largest cars from the start.

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