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Download the Dead Target APK and experience a first-person shooter game that will exceed your expectations. Dead Target app is one of the most intense FPS games.

Introduction to Dead Target

Dead Target is a game developed for all operating systems and all types of electronic devices. With its 3D graphics, it provides the most realistic and vivid visuals in every combat scene within the game.

game dead target

The storyline of Dead Target is set against the backdrop of a simulated World War III, recreating terrifying battles against ferocious zombies. Players must demonstrate their combat and hiding skills to evade the relentless pursuit. This game is designed for the gaming community aged 12 and up, especially those who love action-packed sequences and combat.

How to Play Dead Target

As World War III unfolds, menacing zombies are everywhere, disrupting the peaceful lives of the citizens. In the game's dystopian setting, humans are turned into these powerful undead creatures by a tyrannical regime. Thousands of players will step into the shoes of city residents, fighting against dark forces seeking to control the world.

Players must choose from modern weapons, particularly guns with immense firepower, upgrade them, and equip other types of weapons to face looming dangers. To save a world on the brink of extinction, players must navigate numerous traps and confront zombies lurking everywhere.

Thanks to 3D graphics, every sound in each battle is incredibly realistic. The zombies' roars terrify the city, and the sounds of gunfire contribute to a chaotic atmosphere, immersing players in the midst of this city.

tai dead trigger mien phi

Players must complete given missions and compete with other players. To outperform other players, a solid combat strategy is essential. Your weapons should be consistently upgraded and optimized to eliminate the vicious zombies. These zombies hide throughout the city in various forms, rapidly spreading a horrifying plague.

You must be very cautious, and sometimes, fighting alone is not advisable. Collaborating with other players to devise the perfect attack strategy is key to eliminating zombies and the malevolent entities behind the dark conspiracies, restoring peace to the city.

The game offers a vast arsenal, featuring various weapons like rifles, machine guns, AK guns, pistols, etc., each with its unique power. Unlocking and upgrading weapons is easy; simply complete missions, and you can collect them without much grind.

Dead Target boasts over 1,000 battle arenas, each with different sceneries and strategies, keeping players engaged and intrigued. To conquer these challenging battles, players must hone their combat and stealth skills. Only in Dead Target can players experience the thrill of infiltrating zombie-producing prisons, with the exhilarating feeling of victory and restoring peace to the city being truly glorious.

Your achievements are stored via links with Google and Facebook, allowing you to compare them with friends, both locally and worldwide, on daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards.

tai dead trigger phien ban moi nhat

You and other players must complete challenging missions, like locating the research institute for the zombies and destroying dangerous actions threatening the world. It's not easy to overcome obstacles, especially with zombies always lurking, ready to devour you. Use your wit and cunning to quickly defeat them.


Dead Target is a thrilling combat game for adventure-loving gamers. If you enjoy heart-pounding action sequences, download the Dead Target APK now. Dead Target is available for free on the Play Store and App Store. It has received high ratings and consistently ranks among players' favorite apps.

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