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Clone AI APK is an image editing app available for Android devices. The app uses AI technology to remove backgrounds from photos.

About Clone AI App

Clone AI stands as a potent photo-editing application for mobiles that facilitates instantaneous background removal from any picture. The application leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to discern and detach the foreground from the backdrop, carrying out a seamless removal.

Beyond merely erasing backgrounds, Clone AI extends a suite of editing functionalities encompassing brightness and contrast modification, filter application, overlay addition, and textual insertion, making it a favored tool among influencers and small enterprises striving to enhance their online image quality.

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Though accessible on both Android and iOS at no charge, the app necessitates a premium subscription for unlocking high-end features like watermark erasure and exporting images in high resolution.

Overview of Clone AI Free

Clone AI APK steps forward as a revolutionary tool in the mobile photography landscape, bringing an array of functionalities that go beyond mere background removal. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this application allows users to manipulate images swiftly and proficiently. Whether it is for a budding influencer, a small business owner, or an everyday user aiming to enhance their online visuals, Clone AI appears as a one-stop solution.

By facilitating an in-depth and detailed photo editing process — from fine-tuning brightness and contrast to applying a spectrum of filters and overlays — the application ensures that users have all the necessary tools at their fingertips. While the core functionalities remain accessible free of cost on both Android and iOS platforms, a premium subscription unlocks a realm of advanced features, promising an uninterrupted and higher quality user experience.

Tips – Using Clone AI on Android

Designed for Android users, the Clone AI photo-editing app ensures a straightforward background elimination from photos. To make the most of it, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Solid background photos: Capture images against a uniform background to aid Clone AI in accurately identifying the entities to retain in the picture.
clone ai for android
  • Optimal lighting: Maintaining a well-lit setting ensures a superior photo quality, facilitating easier editing by reducing unwanted shadows.
  • Utilize the "Select" tool: The app offers a handy tool to manually pinpoint the elements to preserve in a picture, especially useful in intricate backgrounds or detailed objects.
  • Opacity adjustment: Post background removal, fine-tune the picture's opacity to harmonize it with the new background or to achieve a delicate effect.
  • Background experimentation: The app houses a rich array of backgrounds to explore and identify the most fitting option for your photo, including an option to upload personal images as backgrounds.
  • Work saving: After completing your edits, remember to save the masterpiece. Clone AI permits saving in the gallery or instant sharing on social platforms.

Features of Clone AI APK

Clone AI presents a range of functionalities that facilitate effortless background substitutions with preferred alternatives. Highlighted below are its key features:

  • Background alteration: Engage in easy background switches with automated recognition and replacement capabilities.
  • Background personalization: Select from pre-established backgrounds or upload your images for a personal touch.
  • Editing toolbox: Enhance image aesthetics using basic toolsets for brightness, contrast, and saturation amendments.
clone ai latest version
  • Layered editing: Work with various layers to streamline the editing process and forge intricate designs.
  • Sharing convenience: Share your creations directly from the app through social media platforms or email.
  • User-friendly design: The intuitive interface caters to both novices and seasoned photo editors, offering a simplified usage experience.
  • High-resolution output: Generate top-quality images with a remarkable resolution of up to 4K.

Pros and Cons of Using Clone AI Latest Version


  • Automated background deletion: The app facilitates automatic background removal, simplifying the creation of images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Advanced editing utilities: Clone AI presents a range of editing tools, enhancing image details through brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments, among others.
  • Effortless navigation: Thanks to its user-friendly layout, navigating through various editing functionalities becomes a breeze.


  • Restricted free version: The complimentary version, albeit functional, imposes certain restrictions on the number of editable images monthly and the quality of the output.
  • Mandatory account creation: Accessing the app’s full potential requires user registration, which might deter potential users.
clone ai  apk
  • Exclusive to photo editing: The app solely focuses on photo editing, lacking features for graphic design and illustration creation.

Design and User Experience

The success behind Clone AI largely hinges on its well-conceived design and an immersive user experience that it offers. The application manifests a clean and streamlined interface, designed intuitively to cater to both novice and veteran editors alike.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a straightforward dashboard that neatly categorizes various functionalities, ensuring quick access to a wide array of tools. This systematic organization aids in preventing overwhelming users while fostering a learning curve that is both mild and encouraging for newcomers.

Download Clone AI APK – The Latest Version for Android Users

Clone AI emerges as a reliable photo editing tool, excelling in removing undesired backgrounds and facilitating their substitution with customized alternatives. It offers an intuitive interface packed with diverse editing tools to enhance image quality. While it is free to download, unlocking some exclusive features requires in-app purchases.

In conclusion, if a user-friendly photo editing app to eradicate unwanted backgrounds is what you are seeking, Clone AI could potentially be your go-to choice.

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