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PLEASE EXPERIENCE THE BLOCKMAN GO ADVENTURES GAME The Blockman GO APK game application is a sandbox game that is free to download on the Play Store. An entertaining game for all ages and in Vietnamese format for players in Vietnam to experience.

Brief introduction of the game Blockman Go

Owning a coffee shop, organizing tea parties for friends. Players can transform into a cool judge, take down bad guys like real superheroes, or players can play as a naughty character and do something interesting. Players can also build their own dream city.

blockman go mod apk

In the game Blockman GO - Adventures, there are many other mini games such as: Bed Wars, Egg Wars, Skyblock, Jailbreak, Hero Tycoon and many new and exciting super experiences for players.

How to play the most perfect Blockman GO game

Blockman GO is a role-playing game and simulation game that builds a dream city, with many neighborhoods and restaurants… Let players freely explore the modern city with many roads, factories … designed to their liking. own thought.

In the game Blockman GO, players are free to build the world in their imagination in the most perfect and true way. And what's even more novel is that users can create their own mini-games to relax and have fun with friends.

Players can let themselves experience the roles of restaurant owners, policemen or cool presidents according to your own preferences. Very diverse ways to play for users to experience and create.

Every time you log in to the game, the player will be given countless gifts from the system and when completing the task, you will receive another gift from the Blockman GO - Adventures  team with super great gifts! Let's explore with friends and players the mini games of Blockman GO - Adventures to satisfy your creativity.

blockman go latest version

The user's experience with the game is optimized to the fullest extent so that the user can experience the game as easily as possible.

The game developer has updated the most detailed instructions for people and game operations, in addition, the developer has also optimized the language system with updated fonts and added Portuguese. Spain and Spain!

Players can play in groups anywhere in Blockman GO - Adventures

Bed War, Egg War, Skyblock, Jailbreak, Hero Tycoon and countless other mini-games just need a phone, wifi and players can freely explore the game with friends. In particular, Blockman GO - Adventures has many different mini games for you to choose from.

In the game Blockman GO, players are free to change their avatars, costumes for each character to participate in events according to their own liking and taste. And what's even more novel is that players can design their own beautiful house with tons of unique items, only in the game Blockman GO.

blockman go for android

Although the game Blockman GO is free, players can upgrade the game to a Vip account with an Itune account with many packages such as:

  • Auto-renew VIP account

  • VIP + : 4.99USD/month, including 360 Gold Blocks and countless other new features

  • MVP: 9.99USD/month including 800 Gold Blocks and thousands of great gifts

  • MVP+: 24.99USD/month including 2000 Gold Blocks and many great offers

blockman go download free


VIP + / MVP / MVP+ packages will be automatically renewed by the system until the player cancels the package or changes to another package. Because the system does not notify you when renewing, we recommend that users closely monitor the renewal of packages in the game. Users can cancel the VIP + / MVP / MVP+ package at any time in the preferences section. adjust the account and when the VIP + / MVP / MVP+ packages will no longer renew themselves, they will end at the end of the month.


Game Blockman GO Mod APK is entertaining and creative, allowing players to freely role-play into fictional characters. The game is highly rated with countless downloads at the Play Store, what are you waiting for, let's experience this role-playing game with your friends!

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