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BLACKPINK THE GAME is a popular rhythm game featuring popular K-pop group BLACKPINK with lots of music guaranteed to provide minutes of great entertainment.


BLACKPINK THE GAME APK is a mobile rhythm game crafted by Takeone Company Corp. The game showcases songs and music videos from the renowned South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK.

The game comes with various modes—Story Mode, Arcade Mode, and Survival Mode, each offering a distinct set of challenges and objectives.

In Story Mode, gamers can follow the BLACKPINK members through an engaging narrative while unlocking new songs and attire. In Arcade Mode, players strive for high scores by playing individual songs and unlocking subsequent levels. Survival Mode presents an endurance challenge, requiring players to last as long as they can while navigating multiple songs back-to-back.

blackpink the game  apk

With a total of 16 songs, including smash hits like "DDU-DU DDU-DU," "Kill This Love," and "How You Like That," the game offers an immersive experience. Additionally, a gacha system allows players to collect various outfits for the BLACKPINK members.

Best Tips while Playing BLACKPINK THE GAME APK

  • Start with Story Mode: If you're new to rhythm games or the BLACKPINK universe, begin with the Story Mode. It offers an engaging narrative and eases you into the mechanics of the game, while also letting you unlock new songs and outfits.
  • Pay Attention to Visual and Audio Cues: The game relies on both visual and audio cues to guide you through the songs. Keep an eye on visual markers and listen carefully to the rhythm to maximize your points.
  • Master the Art of Combo: Try to hit consecutive notes perfectly to create combos, as they can significantly boost your score. Missing a note can break a combo, so focus is key.
  • Prioritize Collectibles: Use your in-game currency wisely to unlock outfits and other collectibles that not only make the game more enjoyable but might also offer gameplay advantages.
  • Look Out for Special Events: Keep an eye on special events or challenges that might offer limited-time rewards, such as exclusive outfits or additional in-game currency.
  • Be Mindful of Stamina in Survival Mode: Survival Mode is all about endurance. Keep track of your stamina and don't rush through songs. Pacing is crucial to lasting longer in this mode.
  • Experiment with Difficulty Levels: If you find the game too easy or too challenging, don't hesitate to adjust the difficulty settings. Higher difficulty levels offer greater rewards but are riskier.
blackpink the game
  • Share and Learn: Utilize the social sharing features to post your scores and achievements. Not only does this allow you to show off your skills, but you can also learn from other players and pick up strategies by watching their gameplay.



  • Engaging Gameplay: The rhythm-based gameplay keeps players hooked.
  • Multiple Modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode, and Survival Mode cater to various gaming preferences.
  • High-Quality Graphics & Audio: Faithful to BLACKPINK's style, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Collectible Content: Players can unlock outfits and other collectibles, either through in-game currency or in-app purchases.
  • Free to Play: No initial cost to download and play the game.


  • Limited Song Choices: May disappoint hardcore fans seeking a broader song list.
blackpink the game apk
  • In-app Purchases: The game promotes additional content and currency purchases.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: The rhythm-based nature may become monotonous over time.
  • Device Compatibility: Not all Android devices can run the game, limiting its reach.
  • Features of BLACKPINK THE GAME


  • Song Choices: 16 songs from BLACKPINK's repertoire.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode, and Survival Mode with unique challenges.
  • Outfit Collections: Unlockable through in-game currency or in-app purchases.
  • Music Videos: Each song comes with its corresponding music video.
  • Choreography: Match the dance moves to earn points.
  • In-app Purchases: For added content and virtual currency.
  • High-Quality Graphics and Audio: Faithful to BLACKPINK's iconic style.
  • Social Sharing: Post scores and achievements on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Design and User Experience

One of the most standout features of BLACKPINK THE GAME APK is its polished design and user interface, which are tailored to provide an easy-to-navigate and visually stunning experience. From the moment you open the game, you are greeted with high-resolution images of BLACKPINK members, accompanied by snappy animations that bring the interface to life.

blackpink the game mobile

Visual Design: The visual design of the game is undoubtedly influenced by the pop culture aesthetics that BLACKPINK embodies. The color schemes are vibrant, featuring shades of pink, black, and gold, which perfectly resonate with the band's brand identity. This adds an extra layer of engagement, making fans feel like they're part of the BLACKPINK universe.

Gameplay Experience: The gameplay interface is highly intuitive. Clear prompts and easy-to-read fonts ensure that players of all ages can engage with the game effortlessly. Visual cues guide the player through various tasks, whether it's selecting a game mode, choosing a song, or following along with the rhythm-based challenges. The transition between different game modes is smooth, minimizing any frustration that might arise from lag or loading times.

Audio Experience: The game also nails the audio experience by offering crisp and high-fidelity versions of BLACKPINK's songs. There are also additional audio cues that assist in gameplay, like auditory feedback when you hit or miss a note, making the game more interactive and engaging.


BLACKPINK THE GAME APK offers an exclusive, rhythm-based gaming experience centered on the famed South Korean girl band, BLACKPINK. Whether you're a K-Pop aficionado or new to the genre, this game provides various modes and high-quality graphics that make it a genuine source of interactive entertainment.

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