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Download Battleground mobile India if you enjoy survival and combat games. Battleground mobile India is a famous PUBG game made specifically for India.

Description of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

Battleground mobile Indian, short for BGMI, is a large-scale game whereby many players engage in a Deathmatch fight, and the Last Man Standing wins the match. Battleground mobile Indian or BGMI is the Indian version of PUBG games which is majorly designed for players located in India.

This game is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a battle royale field. Bgmi has gone viral over the years of launch. If you love fighting games, this is a great game to try out on your android device.

The battleground mobile India was going through some developmental and legal problems, so it was replaced by PUBG mobile. Since its release, thousands worldwide have been attracted to the game. BGMI is available in the apk version; hence, join millions to download and play this game. BGMI has endless gameplay giving players unending inspiration while they play the game.

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This is because of the large 3D open Word in it. In BGMI, players are open to a series of challenges, 3D images looking realistic, etc. Engaging in this game with the game setting is perfect and interesting. As the player in the battlefield, you have to strike all other players and be the last man standing.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI has good graphics content, which is unique and well-detailed. However, the game is quite heavy because it consumes space storage, and not all devices can carry it. This has led to players complaining about lagging in the graphics contents whenever they are playing the game.

Developers discovered players' difficulties and experience playing the game, and so they came up with a tool to give users a smooth experience while playing PUBG and BGMI -Gfx tool Pro.

BGMI  apk

Gfx Tool Pro is the free installer application for BGMI and PUBG. This application allows users to customize the graphics content of the game hence giving them a smooth gaming experience. It is easy to use, enabling you to download the version conveniently.

Features of BGMI 

Here are some interesting features of BGMI; 

Endless Gameplay 

Battleground mobile India is a fantastic shooting game, a player versus player kind of game in which over 90 players compete in Battlefield and just one person emerges as the winner, that is the last man standing. Players can play this game as a team of four players or individually or with the computer AI. 

When you open the game, the match starts with you flying from a plane down to one of the six map areas(Miramar, Erangel, Vikadi, Livik, Karakin, and Sanhok). Your flight to each of the map locations changes as you proceed in the game. 

Once you land on the map ground, you don't have any weapon or equipment to fight; hence you have to search locations, buildings, and towns for weapons, armor, and other items. With this condition, you must lay low in the ground till you get your hands on useful weapons. The map location has varying pieces of equipment. Some of them have better weapons and equipment than others. However, whichever ground you land, you should find a way around using the available equipment. 

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After some minutes that the game commences, the map location shrinks to safe zone, and at that, any player found outside the safe zone will be eliminated. Each full round in BGMI lasts for 30 minutes. Players earn in the game based on their performance in each round. 

3D Sound Quality 

The developers of BGMI did a great job with the graphics and sound effects. You will hear the shooting, bombing, and shooting sounds like it's in real life, thereby giving players a smooth and realistic experience. 

Customize Your Character 

BGMI game allows players to equip their characters with many accessories to stand out. Players can upgrade their skin, shoes, clothes, and weapons into many styles they want. These items will improve your fighting skills and spend time earning in-game currencies. 

During the launch of the game, pre-registered players were given a unique set of accessories that can only be seen in real action movies. 

Diverse Game Mode 

Battleground mobile India has diverse Gamemodes. The multiplayer game mode is whereby players play with several players worldwide, or the player plays alone or plays with the AI. These various game modes make the game fun and engaging for players. 

BGMI new version

Krafton Inc created and published the game, and it has gotten a large number of users worldwide. Similar to the Sniper 3D APK game of the same genre, which has brought a lot of achievements.


BGMI is a fantastic simulation game that places users in a virtual world with loads of realistic content, giving an awesome gaming experience. Download BGMI Apk to enjoy these features and gameplay.

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