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Attack on Titan - role-playing game that many players love to experience. This application developed from enish and it is based on the famous series Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), which is a very popular anime/manga series. If you are a fan of this type of story, definitely do not miss it.

About Attack On Titan

3D engine added to Attack On TTitan apk makes the game bright. This is a game that you can play by moving around or moving the entire map so you can see it all as clearly as the original. Players must have enough energy to perform some moves, jumps in the air. The special thing is that you have to be careful and pay attention to calculate the amount of energy to use correctly, otherwise you will have to get into Titan's belly!

attack on titan apk

The graphics of Attack On Titan Apk do not need to be discussed much, Attack On Titan really has painted a picture of the image of the formidable, crazy and extremely scary Titan. The action in Attack Titan will take place in the scene with a super large and epic arena. This place will be where the player will be in charge of fierce combat.

attack on titan mod apk

With one main goal of this game is to eliminate the most powerful giants from the game. This can be very difficult, besides not only these things, these giants can completely become giant and grow bigger. In addition, is also a skilled fighter, heroic and willing to do whatever is necessary to win the "winner" in battle and devour their human competitors. In this game the player must pay attention and focus to be able to defeat the giants and avoid being eaten when this arena is filled with dangerous objects and traps.

How to play in Attack On Titan

How to play this Attack On Titan Apk game, at first glance, it seems simple, but it is not so simple. Your task in the game is to follow the progress of this story in the story modes. Here you will have to use the characters you have to play. Besides, you must learn to fight and use common tactics, through each player in the group to be able to defeat the predatory giants. A battle involving 3 characters, at the beginning of the game you will have Eren, Armin and Mikasa - 3 characters that you can use temporarily before you have any changes to the squad. Actions in which the character's fighting will be encapsulated in three abilities: 2 basic skills and 1 skill used to finish off the opponent.

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The main mission when you come to Attack On Titan, is to do the main quests and 2 side quests. In each Attack On Titan there will be 23 rounds, each round will have some extremely giant people on their way to hinder you. Attack On Titan Apk will consider to give players many different challenges, so it will not be easy for you to overcome them if you do not accept. In the same team Attack On Titan will grant players 4 positions and roles will be different, each role will have completely different advantages. Only when you use them rationally, arrange and arrange tactics in a reasonable way, you can completely pass this game at a higher level.

Instructions for installing Attack On Tian

Quick download guide

Install the Steam app on your computer -> Open Steam -> Then search for "Attack On Titan" -> Confirm age -> Select the package you want to install -> Click on the payment method and then select -> Done.

Step-by-step download instructions

Step 1: When installing the Steam app on your device, you will click on the Steam icon that appears on the phone's desktop to be able to open the application.

Step 2: Then you enter Steam from attack on titan apk and then select Click to download.

Step 3: Next, the Attack on Titan game page will appear  a message to confirm your age, you will have to enter your age in it, click to view the page and then continue.

Step 4: Here you will select the packages you want to download to your computer and add them to your computer.

Step 5: You will click on the item “Self-purchase”

Step 6: Fill in all the information and then select the appropriate payment method.

Step 7: Click “Next” to complete the payment procedure, then you can download the Attack on Titan game console to your computer -> Done!

The plot content in Attack On Titan

Attack On TTitan download - a world where giants will control, take over everything, humanity will have to live surrounded and shielded by walls up to 50 meters high. Only 10 years old, but the boy Eren Jaeger has cherished and built in himself a huge dream. That dream is to see the world as beautiful, large and splendid as it is out there.

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When the whole village gave up the dream of building a high-walled gate of this scale, they accepted a peaceful life. However, Eren goes against the majority. This little boy was not satisfied by being confined in this prison for many years, he compared his life in this prison with the livestock that had been kept in the barn... Things will completely change when the giant Titan appears and they pass the height of that wall. That's when Eren's big dream was born, to build humanity's peace before they were broken.


Attack On TTitan has attracted a large number of "gamer" communities in which they all love these extremely popular anime. The context in this game is tragic, but for the authors of this game, this is a game worth playing today. Therefore, do not hesitate to download this application for fun!

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