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Android Auto APK is a trusted companion to help you drive smart, stay focused, connected and entertained with the perfect Google assistant. Designed with a simple interface and powerful voice actions, it makes it easy to use other apps you love on your phone on the go.

About Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile application that runs on most Android phone devices. This is a great driving comparison and application developed by Google.

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Owning Android Auto APK you can easily focus on driving, connect Google assistant quickly. With simple and friendly user interface with big buttons and some great features you can download and easy to use.

Android Auto is capable of working as a standalone application, but you can also use it with other devices. When connected to one of the compatible car audio systems, the app has the ability to project your phone's screen onto the system's screen and integrate features like steering wheel audio controls.

Android Auto APK - smart and safe app

User-friendly interface, easy to use

Every operation of each feature in Android Auto is very concise and easy to understand, almost with just one touch you can do it. This is not surprising because this application was born to help you stay connected, improve your ability to focus and be entertained while driving.

To do this, the design interface for Android Auto is also completely different from the icons on the phone that you often encounter. All the features of the application from maps, phones to work tasks, calls and calls are clearly represented by large icons at the bottom of the screen that make it easy to see, easy to access. .

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Car route map

Android Auto APK has the ability to find and give directions very quickly, save new places and lists of places you frequently visit quickly with convenient wireless connectivity. To make it easier to find your way, this application also supports a virtual keyboard so that you can stop the car and press the letter when you need to find any place on the road, thereby shortening the time you search for the address. that  you want to come.

The Android Auto app also has built-in Google Maps that makes it easy to locate the best route to your destination. This feature is not inferior to other GPS navigation applications, you can download it to replace the entire system to help you not be distracted on many things in the car.

In addition, the map on Android Auto always updates route information so you can see real-time traffic and signal times on the map, minimizing hazards and risks in the area. each present moment where the distance that you have to travel to reach the destination.

Calling and texting features for phones

Sending feedback and joining important calls without touching the phone is a great feature for you. With just your voice, you can easily control your smartphone.

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In addition, this feature also actively displays the contacts on the phone so that you can immediately select the person to call without having to stop or park the car causing inconvenience in the process of participating in traffic. This is the best and most optimized feature for everyone.

Enjoy listening to music while driving

Through Google Music, Android Auto APK allows you to listen to music in your car. Through connection and instant access to your favorite media applications, the application will bring you moments of light relaxation that can also be vibrant according to your taste with a simple touch. .

In addition, the same range of interesting applications such as radio, sports news, audio books are also supported to help you make the most of your driving time to catch up on breaking news, listen to radios with broadcast voices. have a cold,…

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Sync work through Google assistant

This is the main feature of the app that you can access without any hassle. The Google Assistant will help you check your schedule and do some work-related quick things like set reminders, stay up to date with the latest news, and quickly check and notify important emails. important.

You can also access your contacts folder to send and receive messages with the Google assistant via SMS, Skype, WeChat or more messaging apps.


Android Auto APK is waiting for you to update and download discover. What are you waiting for without quickly downloading the latest Android Auto apk 2022 for android to connect and use.

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