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TextNow MOD APK is a communication application that acts as a mobile virtual network operator. It uses other cellular channels to provide coverage for your smartphone, making communication services more affordable. While it resembles traditional messaging apps, the principles behind it target different demographics.

General introduction to TextNow Online

While data and Wi-Fi plans are common these days and apps like WhatsApp allow you to communicate seamlessly, sometimes you need a cheaper option.

That's what TextNow Mobile offers. Unlimited calls and ad-supported text messages are available 100% free. The free plan works across the US and Canada, but the fees for calling international numbers are also reasonably priced, and you can earn credits by watching ads.

tai TextNow cho android

If you're willing to pay, you can also get an ad-free experience for an affordable price. Two plans are available that include data and boast competitive rates.

All you need is a device and a SIM card with a working phone number. It makes it a great option for a second phone if you have an older device.

Familiar user interface

TextNow Online resembles other messaging apps out there, with a simple user interface and all the essential messaging elements. Options include making and receiving phone calls, sending texts, images, emojis, stickers, video recordings, and voice messages.

Advanced functions include call recording and conference calls. You can also sync your messages after downloading the app on several devices.

Reliability issues

Call quality through this app is not the highest. Sometimes they can malfunction and stop altogether. Furthermore, there are concerns about security, as some users reported receiving spam calls from random numbers while using it.

TextNow tai xuong mien phi

Do you want to share network calls and messages across Canada and the US? Download TextNow for free is for you. You will have free messaging and calling services available to you. You can even share your videos and pictures with people on different apps. It's a perfect way to connect with your friends and family, so don't wait any longer, get Messages an app now!

Call & Text to your heart's content

You can be anywhere in the US and make free calls and send free texts at zero cost. No ads are supported by TextNow latest version and you can do your social activities without interruption. This is a smarter attack for all calling and texting services as it provides all nationwide coverage for free.

TextNow mod apk

Less use of high speed data

There are no strict cellular data plans that you have to buy and then stick to. You can purchase the required data you need and pay only for the data used with the help of TextNow Download app. This saves you money. You can get more done with very low cost data. Ads take up more data and since they are blocked in this text app, the data usage is even less.

Use more than one phone number

Do you want to keep your contacts separate and organize social networks on different numbers? But Are you afraid of being charged extra? Don't worry because downloading TextNow for Android allows you to use two phone numbers. You can separate your business and social networks and perform each activity privately. You can use both numbers to send text messages, join online meetings and make calls, and more.

International calling

International calls and communications have become expensive for a very long time. But TextNow

APK provides a cheaper solution and a more valuable offer. It allows you to make calls for as low as $0.01 per minute. This offer is available to two hundred and thirty countries globally, so if you have family and friends abroad, pick up your phone and dial their number!

TextNow phien ban moi nhat

Both over-the-air and Wi-Fi calls

You can make both wifi calls via the app and network calls. If your wifi signal is weak then you can use this app to call through your phone. You can make calls to the phone number without being charged.


TextNow Vietnamese is a great socialization app for all Android users, through which they can send free messages and call their loved ones! It's specifically for all native North Americans because the free services there are limited. It just requires you to sign up for an account and then create a phone number that you can use to make calls and send messages.

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