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Swallow your enemies with a big belly in Project GLUTT apk, a game that is storming the mobile game market today. With the game, nothing is impossible to swallow because a girl's big belly looks small. Do you believe that? Let's dig deeper into this great game!

Detailed introduction about Project GLUTT

As a recently launched action game, Project GLUTT mobile brings joy and novelty to players in an unforgettable way. The interesting point in the game will satisfy you as much as possible, you will not even find any game that has the same novelties as this game.
In the game, players will be transformed into a beautiful girl, possessing a small body and the skills of a real spy. But the most special feature of the main character is not only that, especially when she also owns a huge belly that can hold everything that stands in her way.
Designed by Draconic Syntax with a bold gameplay style, Project GLUTT Mod APK has attracted a lot of players recently. With a huge number of downloads reported by game developers on all platforms, the game quickly entered the trend of mobile games for young people today.

Style play

Project GLUTT download offers a compelling storyline as well as takes players to a space to experience with bizarre enemies. In the game, the player will transform into a girl wearing a yellow shirt, she is one of the mutant experiments that scientists study directly on the body, so she has characteristics that no one else has. have been.
Your goal is to help her escape from that crazy research place and a journey is started. Defeat all enemies in the way with skills and guns in your hand, more specifically, use your mutant belly to swallow them all.

project glutt kostenlos

With simple designs that bring players to familiar operations, control the main character easily, use their intelligence to defeat all enemies and win. Do not forget that you will have to eat enemies to increase your health and survive in that dark place full of traps.

Unique style devouring the enemy

Project GLUTT online is interested in new operating mechanisms, which are not available in any game. A mutant mechanism inside the form of a small woman and also our main character. You can swallow the enemy in a certain time and the digestion mechanism starts working, the player will have to touch the screen until our character digests everything.
The digestive process will be clearly revealed on the character's face along with a belly that is bigger than ever. Everything will return to normal when the digestion is over and a satisfied expression along with a loud burp will blow away the white bone. It's fun to hear, isn't it? There are many other funny details waiting for you to discover.

Sound and graphics

Although it only owns with a fairly simple 2D graphics, in return, players will feel the smoothness in Project GLUTT Vietnamese even though you have a limited device for everything. With the setting in a spooky laboratory, the game possesses a dark color as the main theme along with dark tunnels full of traps.
In terms of sound, the game did quite well in this area. Feel the thrill with creepy sounds combined with the sound of eating, devouring enemies, giving players new and thrilling feelings. And yet, the unique point of sound when Project GLUTT is free combined with funny sound effects of the enemy brings entertaining laughter every day.


Instructions to download Project GLUTT APK and experience

Let's bring joy every day with unique entertainment every day and Project GLUTT is no exception. Project GLUTT has an extremely small size and you will not encounter any difficulties or problems with the device as well as unwanted malicious.
Follow the steps below and you will experience a brand new game that you have never seen before.
Go to settings and allow the device to install unknown apps.

project glutt apk download on pc

Find the download button below or go directly to APKTodo to download Project GLUTT android to your device.
Wait for the download to complete and then click install game.
Install or finish then open the game and experience.


By now you must have understood all the details about this Project GLUTT mod apk game, right? So what do you think? Don't forget to download the latest version of Project GLUTT now and experience the fun that the game has to offer today. Guaranteed, you will enjoy this game, trust me you won't find a better game.

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