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Digital onahooole, a famous game publisher, has released a game called Paio Hazard APK with devastating 2D scenes, fascinating storylines, giving players the best experience. If you are curious about this great game, let's dig deeper in this article.

Introduction to the game Paio Hazard

Paio Hazard is a famous action game from Digital onahooole a famous PC game developer. After this game was released, it attracted a lot of gamers and soon continued to come to Paio Hazard Mod APK version, a version exclusively for mobile phones.
The game is inspired by Japanese manga and this is also a Japanese game that has brought great success to the developer. After the launch days, the market for this game has not stopped growing strongly and until now it has not faded.

paio hazard for android

Although Paio Hazard mobile has been out for a long time, until now, when it comes to the name Paio Hazard, players can't stop being emotional about this game. It seems that the game has been too deeply imprinted on every gamer because of its charm, gameplay as well as bold storyline, so that players can't forget about this game.

Plot evolution

When participating in Paio Hazard for free, players will be transformed into a female detective named Lina. Lina is a talented female detective and possesses extremely skilled skills, she comes to a gloomy town to investigate the disappearance of many people around and even in the village.

Paio Hazard mobile

With a thorough investigation, Lina found out the cause of the disappearance of the people, also because when she heard about the job with a very high salary. She finally found the place and pretended to be the person who wanted to take the job and it all started here.

paio hazard apk

Starting to come to the player's job, control the main character to find the place of the locked people to rescue them and escape from this dark dirty place. Using the agility that Lina has, the nimble touch manipulates the character dynamically to attack the enemy and escape from it.

Sound and graphics

Although it was adapted into a mobile game, Paio Hazard download still retains the same images and gameplay as on the computer. With 2D graphics, but Paio Hazard has never brought visual errors, or blurring, but on the contrary, the game still produces a sharp image that gives players the most genuine emotions.

Paio Hazard download

The game bar is also meticulously edited by the developer to give players the best experience, especially when combined with the game's graphic frame to create fiery battles, the feeling of vivid and unforgettable. Download Paio Hazard for Android, players also experience the extremely cute voices of the female characters in the game accompanied by the sounds of extremely attractive monsters.


Paio Hazard APK is a great action game that you should not miss, with smooth 2D graphics combined with an engaging gameplay and storyline that will ensure the best entertainment game for this year. What more are you waiting for? Download Paio Hazard latest version now for your mobile phone and experience wonderful moments that are unforgettable.

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