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Many of us are coming to terms with the fact that the digital transformations around us are here to stay. As a result, we are now diverting all our lives to the digital world. Everything we consider important—Our location, financial, health, etc., —data is now stored on the internet with the freedom for us to access them at any time we need them. But, with this ease and technological advancement comes certain risks. This important data could be stolen without care, and this could lead to serious losses and damages that leave an indelible mark on our person.  To provide redemption from these risks, Nord Security offers you a high-security VPN app Nordvpn. And, in this article, we'd be discussing everything you need to know about it before you hit the Nordvpn download button. 

What is Nordvpn?

Nordvpn is an app that provides VPN services on mobile and PC. With about 5,000 servers in 60 different countries, Nordvpn provides a strong fast VPN connection that'd be great for streaming local or international content.

If you worry about government services snooping on your personal life, Nordvpn would be a perfect tool. to have on your device. With you connected, you have the freedom to confidently visit websites wearing your invisibility cloak. What's great about it is that no one, not even the snoopiest of hackers, would be able to track your activities online. Nordvpn APK relies on a strict no-log policy that ensures none of your data can be tracked or retained, no matter the sites you visit when using the app.

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A more reassuring truth about the app is the fact that you can shield your web activities and data from any unwanted malware that might be planted by cyber miscreants in the websites and apps you use. No malicious threats will be able to gain access to your device and you can surf the net however you want without fear.

Once you initiate a Nordvpn download, you'd be open to nordvpn free trial. This gives you a chance to test the app before upgrading to Nordvpn premium apk and there are different preferable nordvpn price options to fit your budget.

Interesting Features of Nordvpn

Before you go ahead with your Nordvpn free download,  below are some of the interesting features of the Nordvpn apk that set it apart from other VPN-based apps like it.

1.     Guaranteed Security and Privacy

One interesting fact that we've left out so far is that Nord Security, the company behind Nordvpn, is located in Panama. This is worthy of note because the region has no binding data retention laws and, as such, all their operations can be done without any law flaunting. 

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This is a good environment for the company to thrive as it allows them to stay true to its mission of providing top-notch privacy and security to its users.

Nordvpn also boasts of high-tech encryption technology. The most we know is that the app uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of 256-bit placing it above many of its counterparts in the industry.

The guaranteed security and privacy the app offers are further established by the fact that it has in its integration the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program. This makes sure users can enjoy their time on the internet with PGP keys to protect their internet data and privacy.

2.     Fast Internet Connection Speed with NordLynx

The overall speed of this VPN app is quite impressive. Once you're connected, you'd enjoy fast Internet that can be used to stream 4k HD videos online without a buffer.

nordvpn apk latest version

3.     Double VPN Protection

One thing you'd not find in any other VPN app is the double VPN Protection feature on VPN. With 2 VPN connections, you're getting two times your data protection to enjoy the internet without limits.

Once you connect, Nordvpn apk takes you from one VPN server to another and would lead you to a secure IP connection such that your encryption data is twice as secure.

4.     No DNS Leaks

One way to know a VPN app is good is when your IP remains masked throughout your connected period. Unlike many other VPN apps that can be intercepted to view your IP connection, Nordvpn keeps your IP connection details locked in a safe from the time of connection to disconnection.

nordvpn  apk

No matter how hard they try to intercept and gain your IP details and data, they'd never succeed.

5.     Kill Switch In case of Compromised Privacy

Worst case scenario, Nordvpn server shuts down, what happens? The app's Kill Switch feature comes to the fore. Immediately this feature notices s disconnection it halts your internet activities to prevent any data leakage.


It pays to have your data protected whether or not you worry about the government spying on you.

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With the Nordvpn app downloaded on your device, you'll get to enjoy guaranteed security for a protected internet connection. For one, having a secured internet connection protects you from dangerous malware that can damage your device. Secondly, with the Nordvpn free apk, you can protect your Internet data from cyber criminals and keep your activities encrypted while connected.

With Nordvpn apk free download, you'd even get to enjoy faster Internet speed to stream online videos in high-quality resolutions.

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