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Lovecraft Locker MOD APK is a casual simulation developed by Hotpink Games that lets you wrap your victims in your tentacles and snag them without being spotted by other students

Introduction to Lovecraft Locker APK

Ever imagined what it would be like to be an all-powerful tentacle god that haunts the lockers of an all-girls school? Lovecraft Locker APK gives you just that and so much more in this casual strategy simulation that will have you invested a lot more than you’d like. Developed by Hotpink Games, Lovecraft Locker for Android takes heavily from the tentacle niche in anime culture and takes it up a notch by turning it into a fun interactive experience.

The anime art style of the game looks stunning and is an absolute blast for fans of anime or anime culture. The game has a very interesting gameplay loop that is hard to find anywhere else making it a worthy recommendation just for the experience. Lovecraft Locker APK has a level system that unlocks chapters after beating a set of levels. You are forced to follow the game’s unique storyline but you can also backtrack and play previously completed levels at will.

The story of Lovecraft Locker APK is oddly funny and obscure, you play as a tentacle god for one. You lurk the corridors and locker rooms waiting to pounce on your next prey. Stationed in one of the lockers where there’s a lot of activity, you lay patiently waiting for any non-suspecting student to walk by. Once in your sights, you can tap the locker room to unleash your retractable tentacles pulling them into the locker.

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You still can’t go about doing whatever you want without any repercussions though. If you’re sloppy In your attempts, you will be spotted, and an alarm will be raised around the school of your mischievous activities. The school authorities will then crack down on your acts losing you precious game points which will halt your progression.

How to Play Lovecraft Locker APK

Game Flow

  • You start out as the tentacle god in one of the school lockers
  • The goal is to snatch up as many students as you can
  • You have a pink meter that fills up with every encounter
  • The meter slowly fills up with more students you grab
  • You can run out of lockers once they fill up but more can be purchased
  • Starting out Lovecraft Locker, you will have many lockers open for you to fill
  • Be careful not to be spotted by other students
  • Don’t grab students in front of other students to avoid being reported to the school authorities

Exciting Features to Look Out for in Lovecraft Locker MOD APK

  • Create your own story

The story of Lovecraft Locker free is very simple, a bit too simple. There is no set end goal or purpose to your actions outside of sheer enjoyment. You are trying to amuse yourself by spending time with the girls in the school so you may craft your own scenarios to fit your actions. There is no limit to your imagination and it’s all up to you where the story goes.

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  • Anime-inspired Graphics

Anime has become such a wide genre of media in recent years sprouting a great appreciation for Japanese culture including their art styles. As is evident in the style choice of Lovecraft Locker APK, the characters are modeled with popular anime cues such as cute eyes and colorful hairstyles. This makes the game akin to anime with even the cut scenes looking like anime shows on their own.

  • Gorgeous Animations

To add to the already beautiful anime graphics are fluid animations for the different actions in the game, from the shuffling of students past lockers to your swift grab and pull. Everything is meticulously done serving up a very satisfying visual experience.

  • Upgradeable Stats

Progressing in this game requires some upgrades and purchases but don’t worry all this can be done with in-game currency. You will reach points in the game that require you to upgrade your stats and your character. Lockers tend to fill up so you will also be expected to purchase more so you can store more students.

  • No Paywalls

There are absolutely zero in-app purchases meaning you can fully indulge in the game without worrying about spending a dime. This is rare to find in games nowadays with the insurgence of in-game purchases in recent years making the exclusion in Lovecraft Locker MOD APK a welcome practice.

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  • Simple Mechanics

Lovecraft Locker APK has a very easy gameplay loop to follow with the main action of grabbing students happening in just one swipe, something even a non-gamer can comfortably do without a hassle.

Useful tips for Features of Lovecraft Locker APK

  • Complete all objectives to progress

The game is spread out in levels each happening in different chapters which unlock after certain objectives have been cleared.

  • Purchase Lockers when they run out

One thing you will find yourself constantly find yourself doing is filling up lockers with unsuspecting girls. They eventually do fill up forcing you to purchase more so as to progress.

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  • Avoid being spotted by other students

The biggest threat to you filling up your pink meter is other students who happen to spot you grabbing other students. This can be avoided easily though by timing your grabs perfectly because once you are spotted you will be reported to school authorities.


Lovecraft Locker APK is a simple game that accomplishes everything it sets out to do in an incredibly fun way, the graphics are stunning and the gameplay is easy to pick up. If you’re a fan of anime and love the wacky concepts surrounding anime culture, I can’t help but recommend you download Lovecraft Locker APK right away.

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