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Download GB WhatsApp MOD APK and enjoy using this WhatsApp that makes your WhatsApp experience different. Text, video call and have conversations with new features.

Brief description of GB WhatsApp APK

Developers are constantly working on new modifications every day on different apps. Still, this is one of the recent that came out and proved to be helpful to users and give them a better experience. This WhatsApp comes with new features that make WhatsApp more fun to use.

gb whatsapp apk latest version

GB WhatsApp MOD APK is one of the world's most famous, with billions of users. This is because WhatsApp is already one of the most popular social media platforms globally, so imagine how a WhatsApp with new advanced features will be. It is a mobile application available on every smartphone and for download on all platforms.

But because it has multiple unofficial characteristics and other policies, the application can not be found on the google play store, so the app must be downloaded through an APK File.

Though this app is the customized version of the popular WhatsApp, it is an app of its own as it was not developed by the same company that created WhatsApp. This application has the same interface but what differentiates it from WhatsApp is that it has a lot of new features and fixes many problems that users have been complaining about for the longest time.

Although it is constantly being upgraded, GB WhatsApp APK was initially released in April 2018, and Antfas Hoak made it. It is rated E, meaning every one of all ages can enjoy using this application.

Using GB WhatsApp APK, you get a different experience, and a new feel to using the famous WhatsApp messenger as it has features that differ from the original version.

If you are looking for a top-notch application that will change your WhatsApp experience and convenience, then GB WhatsApp MOD APK is the ideal choice. The app's interface is also very satisfying as the design of the layout is very colorful and has vivid graphics.

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Remember that upgrading to the GB WhatsApp apk 14800 will be your best choice to get the most out of this app, as it allows you to enjoy its advanced features.

What can you do with GB WhatsApp APK?

GB WhatsApp MOD APK is a modified version of WhatsApp, and there are many things you can enjoy doing. This application has a do not disturb mode that, when activated, can block messages, calls, and updates from coming in until you’re ready to turn it off and be active again. Also, this app makes you anonymous when writing messages, viewing status updates, and recording voice notes, so the Privacy settings on this app are different from the original version.

Another thing that you can do on this app is that you are given the freedom to send more images and videos at the same time. On WhatsApp, you can only send 30 pictures at once, but using this , you can send up to 90 photos simultaneously. This is one of the primary features of GB WhatsApp APK that attracts users so much.

gb whatsapp free downloa

Also, you can enjoy designing the app interface to your taste with the use of over seven hundred themes that are made available so you can give it a whole new attractive look. But apart from the theme, you can enjoy changing the text colors, size, and fonts used when texting. You can also enjoy access to post a longer write-up on your status, and this app allows up to 256 characters, unlike the original version, which allows 139 characters. Also, you will be notified when someone views your status.

Deleted messages are never really deleted on this application because you can view messages that other WhatsApp users have removed. You can also enjoy reading old messages; with the simple tap of your finger, you can find any news you're thinking of.

There are other exciting features that users can look out for when they download GB WhatsApp 11100000.

Gb WhatsApp APK is easy to use and has a very satisfying user interface. Anyone can start using this app and enjoy it.

Using GB WhatsApp MOD APK for the first time

After installing this application from any APK file, you are initially asked to register with your phone number and verify. Once you're done with that, you then create your profile and edit your settings, such as the design of your interface, your Privacy settings, profile and chat background pictures, and every other setting to your satisfaction. When you're done setting up your profile, you can back up your chats from the original WhatsApp and begin conversing and viewing status updates.

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You can do many things that will give you a good experience, and the app is also very straightforward to start using.

Features to look out for on this app

There are a lot of features that you can look out for when you start using this app. Some of them include:

  • On this app, there are multiple themes that you can use to design your interface and make it more attractive
  • Enjoy making write-ups on your status that are more than 139 characters. This application allows you to make status updates of up to 250 characters
  • You can read deleted messages that have been removed from other WhatsApp users
  • Send more pictures at once. On this, you can share up to 90 photos at the same time instead of 30 pictures on the original WhatsApp version
  • You are given access to different statistics and analytics on WhatsApp groups
  • Have different Privacy settings as you can keep yourself anonymous when typing messages, recording voice notes, or viewing status updates
  • Receive notifications when your contacts view your WhatsApp status
  • Users can also enjoy looking at pictures or videos that have been sent to them without having to download
  • You can upload more extensive videos
gb whatsapp mod apk

There are more features that users can explore once they install this application.


This application is perfect for people who want to enjoy a different experience of messaging on WhatsApp. With advanced features, you won't regret using this application. The interface is also very satisfying, and it has vivid graphics.

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